Monday, February 01, 2016


This bomber jacket fell into my possession a couple hours before boarding a plane from Portland to Los Angeles just in time for the new year. It was green, it was oversized and it seemed to be the natural progression from the litany of army jumpsuits I wore all of last summer. In short, I had to take it home, even if it meant wearing three layers of coats on the flight back. Since then, I have yet to experience a morning where I haven't instinctively reached for it first thing. It feels almost as if the jacket is my muse, which I'm kind of into. The fashion industry has long championed the muses as inspiration for brands and designers, but most often its felt that it was singularly the women who could inspire the men (Sofia Coppola for Marc Jacobs, Carine Roitefield for Tom Ford, among many others). Why not take an inanimate object and have it inspire, yea?

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Vintage bomber jacket and Levis 501s, yellow birkenstocks and Vince bag.