Friday, January 08, 2016

2016, baby

Writing on here used to feel like a task, and then it felt like a joy, and then it didn't feel like anything at all. I've been doing this for seven years, which is a hell of a long time to devote yourself to something. It's been at once an outlet and a platform; a broadcast and a diary. The last couple months were too frenetic and varied to find any sort of stability with posting, but with the turn of the new year I'm feeling it's time for a change. I want to put an emphasis on the art aspect of all of this, not just the flagrant commercialism (and by osmosis, capitalism gah) that can be associated with this type of medium. It can be easy to get caught up in fashion's glitzy world of trend and consumption, and I've always battled that line both within myself and on here too. With the new year, and my goal of "amping it up" in all aspects of my life (read: writing every day, wearing heels wherever, leather jackets where its not appropriate etc.) I also want to dive into that elusive more on the blog. Maybe that means less posts, but quality over quantity, right?

For now, here are some images that feel evocative to me. Being delicate and feminine but still powerful and in charge, with swimsuits and body love and bomber jackets that make you feel like a NASA pilot-to-be. Here's to a great year. 2016, baby.
 photo tumblr_nk3e7xZupK1truof4o1_540_zpszrrw7eda.jpg photo tumblr_nt3a0aN7ba1qbg2pgo1_500_zpsqoledh4c.jpg photo tumblr_ntk4vi0gzV1qfk4ono2_400_zpsw5vtfzrq.jpg photo tumblr_nv06anPOca1qfrtudo1_540_zpsmcqvoce3.jpg photo tumblr_nxmwbbNADG1r06q46o1_540_zps2wtzruvz.jpg photo tumblr_nq814blC5m1rrns0oo1_500_zpsnaoofogp.jpg photo tumblr_noizrdkwl21tr6q14o1_540_zps3an8uv8s.jpg photo tumblr_nyb3532eWW1qf49p9o1_540_zps3baoja5m.jpg photo tumblr_nxtk5nRCXj1qah5ozo1_500_zpszrbasmj9.jpg photo tumblr_nvo0gqPKok1qgeg3ho2_400_zpsojzbscwa.jpg photo Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 11.41.46 PM_zpskj6merej.png photo tumblr_nyklub4bLw1qfx583o1_500_zpsp5xg4qxq.jpg photo tumblr_nytvc8QVrZ1rq03t7o1_500_zpsflcg4eiy.jpg photo tumblr_nvuf6g0GaS1qe9n3bo1_500_zpsy0fqodmq.jpg