Monday, November 23, 2015

Just wanna be in bed

My friends just moved into an apartment in Venice and we took these photos last weekend after exploring Abbott Kinney and enjoying the cold weather. I've been throwing on this marled gray American Apparel crop with my favorite denim as of late. The semester is almost over and-- by osmosis-- the year, and I couldn't be more thankful to turn over a new leaf. Some amazing things have happened in the last several months, but I'm looking to get back into a groove with a new internship and hopefully new car. For now, I just wanna lie in bed and try to plow through the ten books I've got in rotation at all times.
 photo vsco-photo-5_zpsnyb4jtic.jpg photo vsco-photo-2 2_zps1y6bykjc.jpg photo vsco-photo-5 2_zpsittgz4oi.jpg photo vsco-photo-4 3_zps70rkfxsz.jpg photo vsco-photo-1 4_zpsqa1jmcqa.jpg photo VeniceBaby 28 of 29_zpsjsxyl9ag.jpg photo vsco-photo-3 3_zps8oy0ilae.jpg

American Apparel knit crop top, Calvin Klein jeans, Uniqlo white sweatshirt and Calvin Klein Modern Cotton bra top and underwear.