Sunday, September 06, 2015

Hawaii Photo Journal

I am sorry for the immensely long absence between posts. I've been dealing with housing issues at school and also acclimating to the fact that I'm a junior and also getting classes and also... going to Hawaii!? It's my first time here and so I've gone a little overboard with the photos. I've basically just been wearing this retro 70s printed swim suit and loving every second I haven't had to wear real clothing.
 photo IMG_5877_zpsynvbotsq.jpg photo IMG_5918_zpsgswdbvbm.jpg photo IMG_5919_zps9t5fbknk.jpg photo IMG_5920_zpste6te8fa.jpg photo IMG_6378_zpst2lyv6il.jpg photo IMG_6374_zpstsbv1qbd.jpg photo IMG_6278_zpsrluwmv3s.jpg photo IMG_6295_zpsf0lmxghn.jpg photo IMG_6372_zpsocn0o8oo.jpg photo IMG_6280_zpsbmicxhaz.jpg photo IMG_6371_zpsnm5n4olo.jpg photo IMG_6274_zpsxgmc3gpi.jpg