Monday, July 06, 2015

Indiana Jones

I woke up on the morning of the fourth of July and decided I was not going to wear anything resembling the American flag. I just didn't feel any need to wear red, white or blue. Instead, I decided to pick up my Indiana Jones hat I bought at Disneyland in middle school and go for more of an "Indiana Jones's mistress" vibe. Cause truthfully who's more patriotic than Indiana Jones? Also, the outfit featured some themes that I'm really into right now: cargo pants, lace, cream knits and structured sandals. By this point, I have more cargo pants than I'd ever thought I would own in my life but luckily they've all come from thrift stores. I feel like my style has had a complete revolution lately and it's all been possible for less than a hundred dollars.
Vintage cargo pants, thrifted knit tank (similar here), American Apparel lace bra, Kelly Wearstler fossil necklace and Silence & Noise white sandals.