Friday, June 19, 2015

Palm Trees and a Leather Jacket

Finally feeling like summer: endless days laying around the house listening to new music and old favorites (L$D by A$AP Rocky and Abstrakto, respectively), spending time with your best friends under the neon soaked sky, selling clothes that don't get enough love on Depop (@thestylishwanderer), driving down La Brea at 10 pm with no rhyme or reason, going to Target four times in two weeks for nail polish and gold hoop earrings, reading plays in the early morning, watching your favorite action movies on repeat cause you can, in-n-out twice in one week (duh), storyboarding friend's music videos, looping together beaded necklaces as gifts-for-no-reason, and of course: writing, writing, writing.

Also leather jackets and palm trees and little shoulder bags forever. palmtrees-4palmtrees-14palmtrees-10palmtrees-9palmtrees-7palmtrees-6palmtrees-16palmtrees-17palmtrees
Zara leather jacket, American Apparel crop top, vintage Levi's jeans, Silence + Noise Lucia strap sandals, and Topshop mini sporty barrel hold-all.