Monday, June 15, 2015

Outfit for a day doing "nothing"

As a student, you get asked the question "What are you doing this summer?"a lot. Whether it's out of curiosity or simply nothing else to talk about, this is the go-to conversation starter for fellow peers/adults/working people from about late May onwards. And, for the first time in three years, I don't have an answer for them. Sure, I have personal projects and films I want to write/shoot/edit (plus stuff for the blog) but in terms of "THIS WILL GO ON MY RESUMÉ FOR ETERNITY"... I've got nothing big on the list. I think, as a culture, there's a lot of social anxiety around the idea of "not doing anything" during the summer. Certainly when I answer my friends/adults a look of silent horror/confusion appears on their face before they can reign it in. Images of suburban teenage wasting time by skulking around neighborhoods and smoking cigarettes, bored and jaded no doubt flash in their minds. Because that's what the idea of "doing nothing" connotes, right? Except, for the first time in the last three or so years, I feel like I can actually breath. Which is why I wasn't too distraught when this past Friday the day totally got away from me and after stopping by my local coffee shop I headed to Target to pick up some gray ribbed tank tops and then ended up at the Forever 21 and spent way too much time trying on simple black jumpsuits. I have the whole summer to cross things off my to-do list, so why worry now? If there are those of you out there--like me-- who don't have major plans for the summer, relax. You have your whole life to be working.
Free People Floral Foil Tunic, Silence and Noise Lucia Sandal , Gap camo pants, Sjodin 925 braided leather necklace (I am selling these on Depop! look me up @thestylishwanderer), Eleven Thirty mini satchel bag.
Enjoy your summers!