Monday, April 13, 2015

Getting Coffee: Intern Dressing

I'm currently sick in bed with a major head cold, but I thought I'd share these photos from last week before everything went down(wards with my body). I've been interning in various places around Los Angeles for almost a year now, and so you'd think I'd have the whole "intern dressing" thing down pat. However, I've come to find that each place has its own vibe that you must respond to accordingly.

Luckily, the places I've worked at have never had a strict dress code nor have I been required to wear super formal things like a pencil skirt or blazer or any office cliché like that. This is an outfit I wore Friday, which I think encapsulates the best intern-wear I could manage: a pretty but fairly conservative floral tunic, black jeans (honestly my favorite piece of clothing), and my new favorite Dr. Martens oxfords. Simple, but slightly unexpected too. It's all about your personality when it really comes down to it. I say the more fun you have with it, the more you stand out. Also, try to be the fun (yet hardworking) intern as much as possible. This comes in handy. Everyone just wants to have a good time (while getting work done, of course). Writing about interning right now is getting me a little bit anxious-- I have yet to really lock down any options for this summer in terms of employment elsewhere. But hey, maybe I don't need to intern every summer, right?
Free People Floral Foil Print swing tunic, Topshop Moto Zip jeans, Lauren by Ralph Lauren crossbody bag, Dr. Martens 3-eye oxford, Verameat pretzel necklace.