Thursday, March 19, 2015

Personal Style: A(n ongoing) Story

 Now more so than ever, it's extremely important to brand yourself. Who you are, what you do, where you fit in. Being one way or another (and sticking to that way) has always been a struggle for me and I've grappled with identity since the beginning stages of this blog. In interviews people would ask (often): describe your style in five words or less. Every time, I found myself at a loss. More than once, I've answered: All over the place. Which is fine, except, it's not. At least, not when building a blog/brand of sorts. And especially not as a teenager attempting to define herself not only online but in other spaces too-- amongst her peers, friends, work/internship colleagues etc. But no matter how hard I've tried, I always find myself jumping from one style to the next. Despite only consisting of a few months, I had a definite Sherlock Holmes-inspired phase (oversized trousers and flouncy button ups galore). And then that year spent obsessing over all things 70s (and the printed maxi dresses hanging in my closet to prove it). 

Then, of course, there's the whole 90s vibe which I've been talked about a hell of a lot lately but had yet to really put into practice until this past Saturday, when I happened upon a Goodwill $3 sale and managed to come home with a huge bag full of amazing pieces from the decade I was born. The next day, I finally scored a neck full of simple gold chains like I'd been wanting for forever, my friend gifted me a pair of large gold hoops, and I happened upon a pair of Adidas Superstars that were not only my size but also on sale. Suddenly, a new wardrobe had pieced itself together in a matter of one weekend, after having thought about for months. Tuesday morning, when I finally pried myself from my bed after taking some "me time" by watching a lot of Friends (and eating vanilla frosting straight from the can) I grabbed my newest favorite pieces and threw them all on together. A second after admiring what $9 can do at Goodwill if you're lucky, I realized once more that I had assumed an entirely new style. I liked it, but I was troubled. Knowing my track record I was bound to drop this 90s-streetwear-meets-normcore thing (still working on actual definition) within a couple months... probably for a new style along the lines of "the Walking Dead-esque cargo pants and shredded knits, but in space?!"

I've written all this to say that, after all these years, I think I finally have to embrace myself. Wear what I want to wear, when I want to wear it. Not let culture/blogging define me, but accept my ever changing and undefined self. They say that your twenties are the time to define, and I really just have to stop letting media/branding get in the way of personal happiness and overall sense of solid self. I think I also wrote all this to say: be you. Don't let mass trends and the need to fit in dictate your life. If you're as changeable as the wind when it comes to styles, tastes, preferences etc. just embrace that. Or, as that one Disney movie we don't need to mention has sad: Let it go. I'm all for accepting, but also just plain living. Nows the time for experimentation. Don't ever back down underneath a critical eye. And if you wanna wear that crop top, for god's sake wear it.

Vintage army liner jacket (similar here), vintage cotton Speedo sports bra (similar here), vintage satin pants, Adidas Superstar white leather sneakers, MAC lipstick in Chili, vintage gold chains and gold hoops (similar here).