Monday, February 23, 2015

What's Been Goin' On

Again, so sorry for the lateness and the lag between posts. Been crazy busy and loving every second of it. Here are some shots from the last couple weeks.
These are some behind the scenes shots taken at a shoot for Jonesy NY-- an underwear brand not only totally cute but also amazingly refreshing. Will share more later.
At my internship on Friday they gave us interns their leftover Academy Award bound screenplays. I came home with Whiplash-- which was one of my favorites of the year. I ended up spending most of my Sunday on a film set with my best friends, so I missed 80% of the awards. But that's completely OK in my book. I feel like most of it is just a pageant anyway, and I'd rather spend my days working on things that push me further in the direction of the people in the room rather than watch them on a screen for three hours, ya know? Time is precious. I'm learning that more every day.
Had brunch with my friends at the Sycamore Kitchen-- seriously turning into such a great spot after a Saturday night out.
For Valentine's Day night I went to The Growlers concert at the Palladium with my best friends before heading to a party. For my concert outfit, I put on an oversized skirt that I tied in the back with a ribbon. I felt very Victorian-- they always loved their ribbons.
Urban Outfitters sent over this pretty bra and underwear set in time for Valentine's Day. The holiday itself may be ridiculous, but I've said it before: I love the colors.
Always need a good flower bouquet photo. 
On Valentine's Day I went a little against form and put on a floral dress to hang out with some friends before The Growlers concert. For some reason, I've been putting on dresses less and less lately-- opting for the more utilitarian look, which I guess makes sense considering how much work I've been doing.
Been having trouble dressing for my internship. How do I strike the balance between professional but me? Always a dilemma. My boss said to me the other day "You always look comfortable." I'm not sure if that was good or not.
Wrote, directed and edited a short film for my film class these past two weeks. It was a strenuous experience, but it was amazing and I learned so much.
Have mostly only had time for bathroom photos lately. But I'm not complaining. Being busy is one of my favorite feelings-- even with all the stress and all that-- it means I'm doing stuff I love.