Monday, February 09, 2015

What (Not) To Wear in Rainy Oregon

Rainy green shots, as promised! I've never really mentioned it before but my family owns a farm here, so every holiday that I come up I get the chance to rest and relax with all these beautiful acres of greenery around me. I really feel so fortunate. The day I took these shots, I went for a run in the rain and cried because it was so beautiful; it was spiritual, I think, which is something I've definitely needed lately.

Meanwhile, the rain hasn't stopped me from wearing whatever I want, wherever I want. Wore this amazing De La Mer 1981 cardigan to go to the thrift store with my aunt and cousin and was totally overdressed and sort of cold, but sometimes you just need to throw all caution to the wind and live. I'm all about that right now: living.
De La Mer 1981 Cocoon Cardigan, vintage levi's jeans, Zara shirt, Free People heels, vintage necklace.