Friday, February 06, 2015

Another Airport Outfit at PDX

Traveled to Oregon with all the women in my family to visit my uncle for his birthday on Wednesday.  It's so fun to travel in groups; I often find I'm traveling alone no matter where I go. Regardless of who I'm with, I love coming up with new ideas for airport outfits. That whole stylish but casual thing is so fun to try to master. Mixed this uber soft cashmere Brochu Walker sweater with a pair of JBrand jeans that I cut off by myself. Also, I still throw on this Urban Outfitters shawl/thing any chance I get, mostly because it baffles people. A couple guy friends of mine saw it the other day and said "Whatever that thing is, you pull it off well," and then a stewardess on the plane said "I just love your scarf!"Any reaction is a good reaction in my book.
Brochu Walker batwing stripe sweater, JBrand jeans, Urban Outfitters patterned hooded open poncho, Michael Kors runway watch and Nike 5.0 sneakers.