Tuesday, January 06, 2015

STRIPES in the new year

Quick shots from the other day at my best friend's house, before she boarded a plane to Ireland for the next eight months. It's crazy how our lives are fractured and split up as time trudges forward. I've been thinking a lot about time lately, and it baffles me. I'm in a place where I can't believe 2014 has ended, and am hesitant to face what 2015 holds. A lot of changes have happened in the last year, and as the new semester rolls around the future seems a bit uncertain. I'll be balancing my work study job, (which I enjoy), a very time-intensive film production class (yikes) and a new internship at Plan B Entertainment (I can't believe it but am also a little apprehensive). I feel like I can see where I will be in one year, but in one month I have no idea. Does that make any sense?

Meanwhile, I finally got my hands on some stripe shirts from Forever 21 and I love them. I think I'm going for a more Parisian basic closet this year. We'll see. Meanwhile, I promise promise promise videos soon.

Wearing a Forever 21 striped mock neck top, Levi's Selvedge jeans, Dansko leopard clogs, and a vintage jacket.