Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Life Update, Again

Been crazy busy getting back into the swing of things with school. We're on week three and I just finally finalized my schedule; how does anthropology, french, screenwriting and short film classes sound to you? Sounds like a busy semester to me. Plus my internship and various films I want to start making with for the blog too! Here's what I've been up to for the last three weeks:

Started my first day at Plan B Entertainment last week. First went to Beverly Hills to their HR and signed away my life before I went back to the studio lot and read some scripts and situated myself in the new digs. I can already tell this semester is going to be incredible.
However, in addition to interning I'm in this crazy time intensive short film class that I am so excited to be in. We started working in the Avid labs today and I really love the filmmaking process so much. Maybe I'll share what I make with you guys on here. Probably not though! They're my first narrative films. I don't think they'll be any good.

Tried a juice cleanse just to see if I had the self-discipline to see it through (wasn't that bad!), and in the process got hooked on Pressed Juice's Roots 3 juice. The ginger gives it the greatest kick.
Been enjoying putting together displays like this showing what I've been using lately. Of course my Boera shield ring (still 30% off with code TSW30) and my Anthropologie dalmatian stapler.
My roommate Laura and I have been making more of a conscious effort to "go out" and "meet people" this semester. The first photo is from our friend's bathroom on Saturday. It was his birthday and we were having just as much fun by ourselves as we were at the party. Which really just shows you can have fun anywhere.IMG_0031IMG_0025IMG_0024
Also been spending a lot of time in my apartment just enjoying the nest Laura and I created last semester. Will do an apartment tour, soon; it's too cute not to show.

But speaking of apartments, I can't wait to graduate and get my own apartment in Hollywood. That really is the post-grad dream for me.
Another party outfit. Will do a feature on what I've been wearing soon! But I love this Urban Outfitters cage bra and Mr. Kate Beautymarks fake tattoos.
Also been spending quite a lot of time in downtown LA lately, going to eat with friends and exploring the city more. Downtown is so beautiful and old.
I've never been much of a brunch person, until now. My best  friend James and I went to the Sycamore Kitchen on La Brea and in addition to feeling part of the hip LA crowd and eating a delicious meal, we also got to enjoy stalking Ben Schwartz, who was also eating with some friends. He's one of the greatest improvisers on the LA comedy scene today and I'm a huge fan.
I went to two punks shows in one week recently. I think that was one too many, because one was amazing and the other not so much, but I had fun nonetheless. This is a photo my friend shot of me right after I jumped around in a mosh pit for a bit. I was exhausted.
One of my favorite meals is pho. Went out with friends the other day for a full bowl of the stuff at Pho Cafe in Silverlake. So good. So thankful I can just get in my car and escape the USC bubble for a time too.
VeraMeat sent over these two pieces; always love new jewelry. Thanks Vera!
Here's a photo just before it rained on Monday. I love Los Angeles so, so much.

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