Thursday, January 01, 2015

How to Wear Your New Years Eve Dress The Next Day (And The Day After That)

First off, let me be your first fashion blogger friend to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR! 
Okay. Glad I could do that.

The one problem I have always found with buying a special New Years Eve dress is that there's basically no other time you can wear it, because often it turns into "oh that one dress I wore on New Years Eve." However, I decided that this year I would not fall prey to a one-time-wear-then-back-of-the-closet purchase and actually put the sequins to use beyond their expiration date.

The rules for doing so are pretty basic: you just use the dress as a layering piece over jeans and a tshirt. Of course, this is contingent upon the fact that you have a dress that can be layered, which I hope you do because come on ladies, body-con sequin dresses were so 2012. Below I styled two dresses I had in my closet. Hope you enjoy.
For this Urban Renewal sequin dress I layered a white Forever 21 ribbed thermal and Madewell zip skinny jeans, plus my favorite Nordstrom BP. black booties. I imagine wearing this to brunch or a trip to the flea market. Because of the light colors I also feel this is a very spring-time, bright look, perfect for the new year.

I also tried it out on the dress I ended up wearing for New Years Eve this year:
For this sequin Forever 21 shift dress, I layered it under a basic Forever 21 heather tee, Madewell high riser jeans and Duo leopard booties. This is one of those day to night ensembles that I really feel is good for an evening dinner and a night at the movies. 

I actually never thought I'd wear jeans under a dress but maybe that's what 2015 is for-- doing the unexpected.

P.s. This also means you can buy sequin dresses year round and not feel bad about it!