Tuesday, December 30, 2014

What to Wear in the Pacific Northwest

Need to unload some photos I took in Oregon before they become too passé, i.e. it's almost 2015, you guys. I basically just lounged around and read and watched movies but the couple times I did venture out of the house I bundled up in sweaters and jeans.
Wore this  Urban Outfitters lace sweater with Madewell jeans for a day shopping in Portland.
Forever 21 sweater, vintage jacket, Madewell jeans, and Duo Boots for a run around the woods. By the way, saw Into the Woods. What a disaster that film was. 
I wore this traveling back to LA yesterday. Still trying to perfect the airplane outfit, but I definitely have my airplane persona down, i.e. the "I've done this a thousand times don't mess with me" persona.