Monday, December 01, 2014

Life Lately

As I'm writing this the rain is pouring outside my window and although I have about a million things to do between now and Wednesday, I feel content and okay. Maybe someday I will fully open up about what's happening with me personally right now, but as always I find it easier to share photos rather than words on this platform. Here are some things from the past two weeks.
 photo tumblr_nfh2sy6iTP1rv93p9o1_500_zps97a83b2c.jpg
I mentioned the rain above because it's a complete anomaly here in Los Angeles, but thankfully cold weather has been in a bit of an abundance a fact that I love beyond words, not only because I can break out this Pendleton poncho I bought a few years ago but also because cold weather makes me feel alive.
 photo tumblr_nfvvpxdrZZ1rv93p9o1_500_zps213e133f.jpg
The other day I stopped by a new vintage store on Fairfax called Cannonball & Tilly and tried out a few amazing pieces of clothing and jewelry. Oh, also I'm wearing Fruit of the Loom Grey t-shirts now and I kinda like it. Did the normcore bug finally bite me? photo tumblr_nftw1yqW8J1rv93p9o1_500_zpsdb9b8759.jpg
This necklace was so amazing I was sad to say goodbye. 
 photo tumblr_nfmcfylg2h1rv93p9o1_500_zps206aa984.jpg
Still can't decide whether I like these American Apparel slip-ons or not… they're not exactly beautiful? Maybe that's why I keep wearing them. I also tied this Free People Pilot's jacket (now on sale) around my waist in place of a plaid shirt because I don't have any of those.
 photo tumblr_nff0fl3DMD1rv93p9o1_500_zps161ef272.jpg
I wore this Zara jacket to my internship and all three of my bosses in the office made a comment about it. One of them said they liked my "Depeche Mode jacket" and I laughed like I understood what he meant and then quickly googled the reference after he left. Another asked me for a bobby pin and then said "Come on, aren't you supposed to be the fashion girl?" and gestured to my jacket, which I still don't know if it was passive aggressive sexism or meant to be a compliment. The final quote of the day was when one of the guys (my favorite one and the one that hired me) said: "The cold weather is good cause then you get to wear cool jackets like that." So all in all, I think it was a pretty successful purchase.
 photo tumblr_nfksjl4bUD1rv93p9o1_500_zpsd810a737.jpg
These are my new Blundstone boots which I am actually obsessed with. They are like the boots I never had. They will solve all your boot problems, trust me. I've been wearing them non-stop. Kind of like that Liam Neeson movie, but different. You know?
 photo tumblr_nfvvq33gVk1rv93p9o1_500_zps921f916c.jpg
For Thanksgiving I spent part of my day watching Friends re-runs which honestly just made me so happy. I've seen every episode of the show and could watch it over and over again. When I'm sad it instantly puts me in a good mood and I think it's one of the most genius sitcoms ever.
 photo tumblr_nfvvqcbYTs1rv93p9o1_500_zpsd6c2aeee.jpg
I bike to school every day, and on this particular day I liked my mix of denim and this cardigan from Urban Outfitters. Somehow this fall I've managed to accumulate the perfect winter wardrobe. It's filled with chunky knits and various cold-weather wear. Hopefully I'll be able to blog it all before the sun returns. Cross your fingers!
 photo tumblr_nfv8r5oCm11rv93p9o1_500_zps9751280e.jpg
I just bought these boots from Cannonball & Tilly (see above) and I am actually obsessed. It's time to elevate my height now that things in my life are changing. It's all starting with these boots. Elevated height, elevated mind, perhaps? I'm also wearing this Ecote Dolman-sleeve sweater coat that I picked up on Black Friday. I will get better photos up soon because its a true love, but for now you can buy it today (Cyber Monday!) for $50 off here.

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