Friday, December 19, 2014

Let's Talk About Time

And finally, it's the holidays. I am done with my second semester of sophomore year, which is I find remarkable  because honestly, I never thought I would live to this moment. Not in a morbid way or anything; I simply never thought I would make it. In high school, I felt like those four years would never end... that I just wouldn't live to tell the tale i.e. "When  I was in high school..." etc. but now I'm saying things like "In my freshman year [of college] I felt..." etc. etc. Before you know it, you'll be reading that I've finished my sophomore year and am happy that the summer is finally here and looking forward to internships etc. I'm not saying all this to prove how predictable I am (even though I am), I am saying this to just remark how, well, remarkable time is. It really really flies, you guys. Enjoy every second. Look forward to now. Embrace any moment you're in. I've passed a lot of my life with impatience, just wanting to arrive at the next step. But now-- right now-- I'm trying to just embrace all this, right this second.

P.S. I will be in this Sunday's episode of The Comeback on HBO, so tune in even if I only have two lines because Lisa Kudrow is a genius and the show is incredible.

American Apparel Fisherman Pullover, vintage skirt (similar here), vintage brass cross, Urban Outfitters mini tote bag, vintage boots, American Apparel Geneva twisted silver watch, and Essie Nail polish in Ignite the Night.