Monday, October 27, 2014

Make Goals

In the last month, I've gone to the thrift store on two separate occasions searching for two specific items. Both times, I walked out with what I wanted. First, a shreddable short sleeved sweater. Second, a pair of army-esque cargo pants. Moral of the story? Life is a manifestation of what you put out into the universe. Always, always make goals. Write it down. Get it out there. Even if it's only that you'd like to buy a $3 sweater at the Goodwill instead of dropping $70 somewhere else. Nothing is too small or too big.

In other news, now that my hair is shorter I've decided to start playing with turtlenecks and earrings. I've made an appointment to go in this week for a couple more piercings on my right ear, but I am terrified of needles so who knows if I'll actually go through with it. Here's for taking chances and making changes, no matter how scary.
Vintage army cargo pants, self-sabotaged vintage sweater, Joe's Jeans heels, my grandmother's necklace, Urban Outfitters gold cross earrings