Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Bikes are a huge phenomenon on campus and I've always been really against them-- a feeling that harkens way back to when I was just a baby high schooler in a Toyota Rav4, trying so hard not to hit anything on the road. However, living off campus means it's at least a fifteen minute walk from my apartment to class, and if I've slept in (which I am very guilty of) or not finished my homework (I have a lot on my plate, okay?!) then every minute really starts to count. This bike was a hand-me-down from a friend of a friend and I hate to admit it but I love the ease to which I can now wake up ten minutes before class and only be three minutes late instead of fifteen. Also, the faded yellow color feels so California-- a vibe I've basically never associated with myself until recently. Basically, the message of this post is: I'm jumping on a couple of bandwagons. Maybe it's because between improv workshop, midterms, working etc. I have no time to sleep or eat or think properly… or maybe I just really like cruiser bikes and peek-a-boo bras now. What's the world come to? 
Topshop Strappy Cami Top, Free People Sunkissed Strappy back bra, vintage jeans, American Apparel jelly heels, Mr. Kate Forest Horizon cuff and Third Eye necklace.

P.s. These photos were taken before I got my hair cut and colored on Saturday, so, you know, take a moment to say goodbye and stuff.