Wednesday, October 08, 2014

90 Degrees - School Outfit

I've worn this outfit a number of times in various iterations (different jewelry, same base) because it really has just been so hot in LA. I spent the weekend in New York and it was such a stark contrast just in terms of the weather. I packed totally wrong, of course.  Because I was gone for just a couple days I just threw things in randomly and barely paid any attention to common sense or my iPhone's weather app. Packing gives me anxiety most of the time anyway, so maybe it was good I didn't really care.

This jumper/romper/dress/skirt thing is insane. I bought it at a Goodwill in August thinking it was a dress and I only realized it somehow connected itself on the bottom after taking it out of the laundry. I didn't think I would wear it because it really just screams the 80s, but lo and behold, here we are today. Never write off any piece of clothing, ladies!