Tuesday, August 19, 2014

In The Fields

I spent the weekend in Oregon for a family reunion and a little bit of a breather before the school year starts. I love the countryside and miss it so much when I'm in LA. I'll be honest though, when I lived here in elementary/middle school, I did not feel that way at all; I totally missed the city. But it's always funny how perspective changes.

I've been wearing a lot of chokers lately. The choker I'm wearing here comes attached to a longer chain with a pendant on the bottom (still trying to decide if it's an evil eye or just some random etchings). I love piling on chains, so this piece makes my job that much easier. I've also been pairing together random beads and crystals for a little more of a spiritual vibe. I've been traveling so much I've really needed to feel grounded. Crystals bring that energy in spades.
BDG Strip Mix Woven Babydoll Dress, Madewell Sandals, Urban Outfitters Eye Mesh High/Low Choker Necklace, Vintage Crystal necklace and handmade wooden necklace