Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Detail of the Day: BDG Tote Bag

I was recently asked what type of bag is most suitable for a college environment. While of course a backpack is a sure winner, my truthful answer to the college bag question? Leather totes! They're perfect for carrying around both your books and computer plus makeup bag and whatever various odds and ends you have. This past year, I found myself carrying around my black American Apparel sturdy leather tote everywhere around campus. However, I wanted to spice it up this year, so make way AA because there is a new sheriff in town. Urban Outfitters just launched a collection of seriously beautiful tote bags, and while there were a lot of colors to choose from, I fell for this classic brown leather one. Also, the best thing about it? It is seriously huge and is going to be even more perfect to carry around books this year.