Monday, July 07, 2014

A Visit to the Chateau Marmont

About a week ago, I had the chance to visit the Chateau Marmont for a small family friend's party. Although the hotel has been home to a rich history of Hollywood lore, I honestly found the architecture and details (art deco elevators, anyone?) to be the most interesting part. I have a lot of goals for the next ten years, and I think one of them is to throw a party in a suite here. One day.
 photo photo5_zps85748459.jpg
This vintage silk printed shirt dress is one of the most beautiful pieces I own. My mother gave it to me for my birthday a couple years ago and I never found a right time to wear it. I'm glad I brought it out for this event because by the end of the night the sleeves had disintegrated.
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 photo dd4e4ab9-e0e3-43a3-9b6f-9153bcecc059_zps5ee86107.jpg
Some of you may be familiar with the Chateau because of Sofia Coppola's film Somewhere. I saw the film around the time it came out and was more than underwhelmed by it. Sofia's body of work is generally critically acclaimed, but while I think her films are aesthetically pleasing they ultimately fall flat.
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My cousin Taylor came with me that night. She's like my partner in crime.
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I wore this vintage dress with my trusty black Zara heels.
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My mom and Taylor on the balcony looking out on the patio of guests dining below.
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I was very fortunate to have such an intimate look into the Marmont and I hope I can visit again soon. That type of beauty and sophistication needs to manifest into a daily occurrence, don't you think? I think that type of old Hollywood glamour is fading fast but I'm happy to see pieces of it still exist, somewhere.