Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Window Panes

Extremely simple outfit for an extremely complicated day. I'm signing a lease for housing at school next year and it's just been one of the most frustrating processes. Never grow up guys. Meanwhile, I'm moving on from the jelly shoe from last year and replacing them this new jelly d'Orsay flat by Jeffrey Campbell. They're super sparkly and make me feel like I'm in elementary school again, but in a whole new way.
 photo IMG_1683_zpsaa40c30c.jpg
 photo IMG_1855_zpseee500a2.jpg
 photo IMG_1766_zps8941cebf.jpg
 photo IMG_1744_zps2a6a98a2.jpg
 photo IMG_1848_zpsd52849d4.jpg
  photo IMG_1914_zpsedb4ede5.jpg