Monday, June 30, 2014

Gone Thrifting

I wanted to talk a little bit about overdressing. In a world where sweatshirts are almost $300, the line between casual and dressed up has become increasingly blurred. Gone are the days where people dressed up to board airplanes, or even to go out to eat at restaurants. Basically, you can be casual anywhere, any time. Yet, it seems this rule does not apply when it comes to dressing up. I find people are less prone to dressing up for an occasion and even tend to find themselves embarrassed or uncomfortable in said dressier outfits. When I got in the car with my mom to go thrift shopping, she looked me up and down and said: "Well that seems like a lot for the Goodwill." I was puzzled. I wanted to wear this outfit. Who decided a long maxi dress and skyscraper heels weren't proper for the Goodwill? A reader recently asked me how they could feel more comfortable in their skin when it comes to outfits, and honestly it just takes the conscious effort to decide to feel good. It's hard. It comes with time and practice. I can remember many a moment when I felt uncomfortable wearing a pair of heels or even just a high waisted belt (I was made fun in 5th grade for that very accessory). But eventually I got over it. Why? Because life is ultimately too short to worry about what others think of your clothing. Style should be about cultivating your own taste. Not anyone else's.  
 photo IMG_4822_zpsf63a268e.jpg
 photo IMG_4802_zpsc480b8c7.jpg
 photo IMG_4877_zps9a1275a5.jpg
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I paired an Urban Outfitters cotton dress (similar here) with Zara heels and some vintage necklaces

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