Monday, June 23, 2014

Below the Hollywood Hills

 photo IMG_3622_zpsf664a009.jpg
This outfit has basically been my uniform the last couple weeks. I've worn it everywhere, from helping out my dad on a reality series set to date night with Jonah. I bought a whole bunch of linen trousers  about three years ago and they're making their own comeback in my closet. So loose and easy for summer. These photos were taken right below the Hollywood Hills above Franklin Avenue, in an area Jonah and I frequent a lot when we go to comedy shows. As I'm getting older, I'm finding different ways to enjoy Los Angeles that make me appreciate the city more and more. As I decide whether to stay at USC or transfer, I always seem to remind myself that everything I'm interested in and love is here. Tough decisions, no? Thankfully, it's easy to make decisions when you have the right uniform. Which is why it's important you start cultivating your style and your go-to pieces right this second. I say it's time style mavens world-wide take the pledge to stand up for their own comfort instead of succumbing to fast-fashion trends (hello high-low skirts, anyone?) and falling prey to the consumerism that plagues our society, especially in our expansive fashion community.
In short, go forth and wander, ladies. 
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American Apparel linen trousers, vintage silk button up, Zara heels, Miista Dragonfly clutch, vintage silver jewelry, Silvano oversized carpenter sunglasses