Saturday, May 31, 2014

Wilshire Blvd.

Wore this around Los Angeles for a day of errand running-- which included cutting and adding layers to my hair at Spoke & Weal salon (see guys, I told you I was becoming a hair person). This crop top and vintage skirt combo is something I return to again and again. It's so easy. You really just need a good basic crop and you can pair anything as the bottom.
 photo wilshire7_zpse507ec04.jpg

 photo wilshire_zpsba9c4f37.jpg
 photo wilshire4_zps70a9e448.jpg

Realized I don't layer my simple chains often enough. I love how it looks. Will probably be repeating versions of this all summer.
 photo wilshire3_zpsb5a6484b.jpg
 photo wilshire5_zpsa5499761.jpg

 photo wilshire2_zps0b926be8.jpg