Saturday, May 03, 2014

Summer Plans + News

I have so many pages to write for final essays but after Wednesday next week I will be officially done with my Freshman year of college. I am so excited that I can officially announce that I will be a Development Intern at BOOM! Studios this summer which is located on the 20th Century Fox lot. Hopefully pictures and stories of my time there to come. In the mean time, I am loving these denim and white images from Elle France's March 2014 issue. Perfect for the LA heat.
 photo Elle_N_3558_-_7_au_13_Mars_2014-1_zps55a531c9.jpg photo Elle_N_3558_-_7_au_13_Mars_2014-108_zps12bcc1ae.jpg photo Elle_N_3558_-_7_au_13_Mars_2014-109_zps98d1df98.jpg photo Elle_N_3558_-_7_au_13_Mars_2014-104_zpsab2949f5.jpg photo Elle_N_3558_-_7_au_13_Mars_2014-103_zpsab837a7d.jpg photo Elle_N_3558_-_7_au_13_Mars_2014-101_zpsdf7438b7.jpg photo Elle_N_3558_-_7_au_13_Mars_2014-100_zps0da12d38.jpg photo Elle_N_3558_-_7_au_13_Mars_2014-99_zpsf1096c84.jpg photo Elle_N_3558_-_7_au_13_Mars_2014-98_zpse0327931.jpg photo Elle_N_3558_-_7_au_13_Mars_2014-105_zps6ea2772a.jpg photo Elle_N_3558_-_7_au_13_Mars_2014-97_zps81c387f6.jpg photo Elle_N_3558_-_7_au_13_Mars_2014-95_zps11de40a8.jpg photo Elle_N_3558_-_7_au_13_Mars_2014-94_zpsa866541a.jpg
What are your plans for summer?