Friday, May 09, 2014

Wandering to Scout LA

 photo 80499fed-80a2-4dc5-8b73-395d409eb9e3_zps325cdf64.jpg
One of my favorite vintage stores of all time is Scout on Melrose. I first wandered in when I was 16  and quickly realized this was probably some of the best curated vintage I'd ever seen in Los Angeles (and maybe even beyond). The owner Joey has impeccable taste and is always adding new pieces each week, so it's constantly changing and flowing. In other words, it's a vintage maven's heaven. Seriously, most of the pieces are like art. I definitely recommend stopping by if you live in or ever visit LA, even if its just to peruse like you're in a museum. Plus, the space is beautiful to look at, which is partly why I decided to share some photos of a recent trip this past week.
 photo scc_zps3c0fa0d6.jpg

 photo scou_zps7f502528.jpg
 photo sca_zps8d69b745.jpg
 photo sccccc_zps2a423ca4.jpg
 photo scaaa_zpsf6578acd.jpg

 photo sc9sc_zpsb33158db.jpg
 photo scout33_zps7b0f271a.jpg
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 photo 6b050d18-93a2-4ced-bd1c-1e3282b79f51_zps41bdb824.jpg
 photo bigfff_zps82d3c486.jpg
In addition to an amazing array of vintage pieces, Scout partnered with Rites Jewelry and produced a beautiful collection of silver rings and bracelets (several of which have been on my wish list for months now).
 photo sccc_zps7984a04d.jpg
 photo sco_zps3123ac74.jpg
 photo scout11_zps212ba1ae.jpg

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For more info and to browse the online store, wander over here.