Monday, May 19, 2014

Summer Blues

 I never went through a "blue period" as a kid, so maybe I'm having my moment now. These are just a few things that are on my radar as of late. I'm lovin Sofia Coppola's short hair, Kate Moss in stripes, leather tassels, workout gear, Miista sandals, Lo & Chlo's titanium quartz crystal and dripping silver ring, Erin Wasson perfect in stripes and leather, Roy Lichtenstein prints, and Scout x Rite's fin silver ring.
 photo summerinspiration_zps6a61474e.jpg

Few things I wanted to talk about:
First of all, I am officially done with school which means I am overjoyed to take some time and bask in the sun. I've been using Urban Decay's Flushed palette to get that perfect "sun kissed glow" that everyone spends so much time talking up. I never believed the hype until I finally got my hands on a product that actually delivers. Believe me, it works wonders. If you're olive toned and dark haired like me I recommend the original Naked color palette, otherwise stick to Native. 

Second, my new job is spent primarily on reading comic books/graphic novels in order to make in to tv/film (more on that later); thus, I've been catching up on my share of comic books. I read V for Vendetta in school this past semester and fell in love with Alan Moore's deeply metaphorical and multi-layered story telling. Thus I had to pick up Promethea, also by Moore. If you're looking for an incredible female empowerment/fantasy story, then look no further.

Third of all, I tracked down the jacket I was so obsessed with from this editorial. It is perfect. And when I say perfect, I mean perfect. Can't get it out of my brain.