Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Roman Sandals

 photo godsssdddd_zpsc8f08f2c.jpg photo godssd_zps44ed0ee1.jpg
I've become infatuated with these Joe's Jeans canvas and leather sandals lately. They're not too high and extremely comfortable to wear for an extended period of time. I placed them atop Goddess: The Classical Mode by Harold Koda, published in collaboration with The Metropolitan Museum of Art. I've had this coffee table book for several years and always loved turning to it for any sort of inspiration. Honestly, if I had a choice I would dress exclusively in goddess gowns and draped togas and I think these heels would be the perfect sleek, modern day Roman sandal to accompany them with. Below are some of my favorite photos from the book.
 photo front_zps7e8fa858.jpg photo godsandalsee_zps9272d72a.jpg
 photo godsna_zpsfc6c1f64.jpg
 photo goddesssdd_zpsf55d2aa9.jpg photo goddessdd_zps73ca9c84.jpg