Wednesday, February 19, 2014

3rd Street

I wore this to class and to run errands yesterday. I realized I have a major penchant for pieces of clothing that look like they could come out of a movie set in a faraway land. Or maybe just Moulin Rouge. Regardless, I've been really into flowy dresses, poet blouses, velvet vests and embroidered jackets. 
 photo brocade5_zpsf9e17fdb.jpg photo brocade4_zpse5c72e47.jpg
 I've been overwhelmed with classes and schoolwork lately. I've gone back and forth between wondering if I should quit the honors program or just care less about school and more about social life/personal creative projects, but then I realized: I'm here to learn. And this education is for my benefit, no one else's. The professor doesn't care about my grade or my paper. I should care-- not about the grade necessarily--but about learning what's on the page and stop worrying. So, there's my epiphany for the week. photo brocade3_zps04c4d7ae.jpg photo brocade6_zpseb9fa63b.jpg photo brocade7_zpsb91c3e9f.jpg
 photo brocade9_zps8d4853ab.jpg photo brocade2_zps18598f65.jpg photo brocade_zps61862ba0.jpg
Vintage embroidered velvet vest, American Apparel lawn button-up blouse, Madewell high riser jeans, Dolce Vita studded sandals, Mr. Kate i.d. bracelet and cuff, Tiffany sterling silver bracelet