Friday, January 24, 2014

Tinsel Town

 photo tumblr_mz1efdroeL1qgngcgo1_1280_zpsee79b4ed.jpg
Anyone who knows me knows I love a good Hollywood meets Fashion issue, probably because it quite literally means my two favorite worlds collide, if only during awards season. Of all the spreads from all the different publishers, W Magazine's execution is often perfect. These wonderfully classic overexposed Juergen Teller shots are probably some of my favorite of his in a long time. Oprah, Amy Adams, Cate Blanchett, Greta Gerwig, Jared Leto (who I had the pleasure of sitting in a small class with sometime in October), Jennifer Lawrence, Olivia Wilde, Lupita Nyong'o, and Casey Affleck (who I shot last spring for The Improper Bostonian) are just a few I loved in this amazing editorial. And to think, I even left out a few. Go to W's site for more.
 photo tumblr_mz1jpaerlU1qgngcgo1_1280_zps2b563711.jpg photo Amy_Adams_in_American_Hustle_and_Her_zpsbb7abed5.jpg photo tumblr_mz3cz9r2jp1qgngcgo1_1280_zps8e995dae.jpg photo tumblr_mz3fgod37a1qgngcgo1_1280_zpsfac9aaa5.jpg photo tumblr_mz080wrmzU1qgngcgo1_1280_zps48ebc1d8.jpg photo tumblr_mz1i081nxX1qgngcgo1_1280_zpsb56fc0c2.jpg photo tumblr_mz1htjJla91qgngcgo1_1280_zps3187b539.jpg photo tumblr_mz1hi40hLP1qgngcgo1_1280_zps4e96b9cf.jpg photo tumblr_mz1hepUb4p1qgngcgo1_1280_zps4aa641ed.jpg photo tumblr_mz1jgfX4wC1qgngcgo1_1280_zps0082da9d.jpg photo Idris_Elba_in_Mandela_The_Long_Walk_To_Freedom_zpscc66d1bf.jpg photo tumblr_mz3g6f7YPU1qgngcgo1_1280_zps0f1c0299.jpg photo tumblr_mz1hmqBgOJ1qgngcgo1_1280_zps13d0fc47.jpg photo 364a629d-9d49-4da4-beeb-e4e048288ace_zpscc24e9f7.jpg photo Matthew_Mc_Conaughey_in_Dallas_Buyers_Club_and_Mu_zpsbaae930d.jpg
P.s. My votes for American Hustle for best film/screenplay, Cate Blanchett best actress, Jared Leto for best supporting, and Her for best production design. All the rest I have no idea.