Thursday, December 05, 2013

Throw a (Faux Fur) Collar On It

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To say Los Angeles' weather has been bi-polar would be the understatement of the year. Yesterday it was warm and today was blisteringly cold. Although I'm more than happy to be attending USC and staying in Southern California, sometimes I wonder what would it have been like if I had chosen an East Coast school. That being said, I'm doing things this semester I'm so excited about. I promise I'll do a reflection of my first semester at the end of the year.
 photo brickhaus77_zpsb861057c.jpg
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Lately I've been throwing on this vintage faux fur collar over any sweater or coat I'm wearing. The fact that it is detachable means it is totally versatile and I love it. One of my friends described me as having "fur-draped shoulders" and honestly, I'm OK with that.
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 photo IMG_3298_zps9d3a6e8f.jpg
Vintage cashmere coat, JBrand jeans, American Apparel clutch, random amethyst pendants, and LD Tuttle leather strappy heels