Thursday, November 07, 2013

Beauty Post - Color Elixir

 photo darkishw_zps20d76e64.jpg
If you're a long time reader you know I don't often put beauty posts on the blog, so when Refinery 29 offered to send over a couple of Maybelline's newest colored lip glosses for me to test out and review I gladly accepted. Keep in mind, I am not a gloss girl at all; I tend towards the mattes and stains. Therefore, I felt as if I was diving into completely uncharted waters... but they say you should do one new thing every day, right? When the three tubes arrived in the mail I went home and tried them on with my mom and cousin. We had so much fun experimenting with the different shades, it was like a mini-cosmetics party (those exist, no?). Of the three colors, my favorite by far was Signature Scarlett because it felt like such a classic red. Using something shiny on my lips took some adjustment but I ended up really enjoying it. Plus, as the shine wears off it becomes more like a stain, which you already know I like. All in all, I think these are a must add for any lip gloss girl's arsenal.
 photo darker2_zps750cf3e3.jpg
Wearing an American Apparel sweater and tri-blend top with vintage gold jewelry