Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Let's Talk About: College

The transition into college has been difficult, but not in the way I could have ever anticipated or imagined. Because USC is located downtown, moving into the dorms didn't feel like such a huge change, especially because--and I'll admit it--I've come home every weekend in order to see the boyfriend, grab more stuff (mostly clothes) and watch various TV shows I've missed (The Newsroom, New Girl). The real challenge I've had to face was: where do I draw the line? A month and a couple days later, I think I've finally struck a balance. I go home sometimes but I'm also on campus and fully participate in all the social aspects of it too.

I've have enjoyed getting to know the people in my dorm and playing a secret film/multi-media game nearly all of the School of Cinematic Arts freshman are apart of. Studying at a large university is like living in a small city, and it's easy to retreat in your room if you, so you have to be really proactive every day. The classes I'm taking are my favorite part of college thus far, and I really couldn't imagine learning anywhere else. I'm studying everything from digital media to screenwriting to ancient literature. I've seen Steven Spielberg, Lake Bell, Jared Leto and Troy Carter all in the span of twenty four hours. Tonight, Bill Maher performed at Bovard Auditorium and at the same time George R. Martine skyped in to a class of film students. This is the mecca for everything I'm excited about and love. The first couple weeks/months/semester of college may be bumpy, but I'm learning to take it in stride.

Cold weather hasn't officially set in so I've been pairing a lot of sweaters with bare legs, or pants with crop tops and vice versa. This sweater from Free People is my favorite piece for fall. It is so amazingly soft I don't know how it's not 100% cloud. And these sandals? They're so comfortable I can wear them to class, lunch, and back to class and my feet aren't the least bit tired. Thats an A+ in my book.

Free People sweater, Dolce Vita Jerica sandals, vintage levi's, Maya Brenner shark tooth necklace, vintage Pattie Jarrell bag

(Photos by Nathalie Dirnfeld)