Wednesday, October 09, 2013


 On Monday I spilled Tazo Tea all over my computer's keyboard just as I was about to start a five page essay on Chinatown. After quickly researching what to do I immediately shut down my computer, flipped it over, blew it dry and submerged it in rice to absorb the moisture for two days. It seems to be working OK for now... but who knows what'll happen. I just wanted to explain the absence and also share what I did for any of you who might end up falling in my foolish footsteps as well.
 I've had this floral tapestry bomber since high school and sometimes it amazes me how I can completely neglect such an amazing piece of clothing like this one. It used to have a faux fur trim on the hood but I cut it off because it was tacky and gross and I think it makes it a lot more wearable. This black crop top and high waist slit skirt is my go-to for feeling as put together as possible with the least amount of effort. I don't know when I'll get over this crop top craze, if ever. 
Vintage tapestry bomber jacket (similar here and here), American Apparel crop top and slide-split skirt, Dolce Vita sandals and vintage bubble cuff