Thursday, October 24, 2013

Autumn Leaves

 You know that phrase "Fake it till you make it?" Well that's basically how I've been treating this fall weather. It hasn't been nearly cold enough for my liking but I figured if I wore enough heavy coats perhaps Los Angeles would take the hint and kick itself into high gear. This outfit is basically my most basic dressing for college nowadays. I'd been obsessed with this embroidered smock top all summer and finally bought it before I came to school and I wear it all the time now. Also, I think if you have a good coat you can basically go anywhere. People don't wear them often enough. These high buns were born out of one part frustration and two parts inspiration; I'm completely tired of my hair (I finally booked my salon appointment for Sunday!) and my friend has been talking about "bun buns" forever/ I'd always seen girls at parties in high school wear them so I thought I'd finally give them a try.