Thursday, September 26, 2013

Inside My Dorm Room

I've gotten a lot of questions about what my dorm room looks like at USC, and so in between writing two 5 page papers I thought I'd share some photos. College thus far has been a really interesting experience and different from anything I've imagined. I promise I'll talk about it more in depth this weekend. For now you can ask me more specific questions on tumblr and I'd be more than happy to respond. 
I had a lot of difficult finding the right bedding, which meant I didn't have my room fully assembled until the second week of college (and it's still under construction). I'll probably switch it up in the new year but for now I'm really happy with this printed quilt and set of shams.
In my room at home I hung necklaces on push pins, so I extended that idea into my dorm room. These rose prints are from the Fairfax Flea market (you'll find that's a common theme with me) and I bought them two years ago for my future dorm (another common theme). I had my friend James draw up these sketches when she visited because I needed more decoration. 
The cactus print is another find from the flea market.
Thankfully, college dressing isn't as bad or different as I thought it would be. I've still been able to wear everything I like without feeling constrained. 
Because there is so much walking involved with living on campus I now have to be super particular about what I put on my feet. Besides the few above, I've found my trusty Birkenstock Gizehs to be an invaluable pair of sandals.
I've never had an official desk, so this space has really been my favorite to decorate. It changes all the time!
I bought this chandelier in tenth grade at the Fairfax Flea Market with the only intention of taking it to my future dorm. Three years later, here we are! 
The paintings are by my friend Rose who's starting her Freshman year at Maryland Institute College of Art. She gave them to me as a graduation gift. The Astrological Hand jewelry holder is from here.
If there is one thing you learn to do in college is read. And read a lot. 
There's never a time when I don't have new text to scan, annotate and discuss. 
 Roman Ruin prints from the Fairfax Flea Market (where else?)