Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Office

 I'm currently blogging from Oregon where I'm spending some much needed quality time with my two best friends before I go off to school (follow on instagram for all the latest shenanigans @thestylishwanderer). However, I wanted to quickly share these silly photos I took at work this past week before I got on a plane, (this is also coincidentally my traveling outfit because there was no time to change). One of our models at American Apparel was in the dressing room, so I decided to step in front of the camera to pose on this amazing marble cube. David Gomez Maestre took the photos as I tried as many different "interesting" sitting photos I could come up with. So lucky that my job doesn't have to be all work and no play! 
P.s. For those of you wondering, I bought my jacket in a size large to have that perfect oversized boyfriend jacket effect. Really can't stand too small clothes. 

Madewell denim jacket, American Apparel Easy Jean, JuJu jelly flats (via American Apparel shoes), deadstock 70s camisole, and vintage jewelry