Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Freshman 15 - Clothing Essentials to Bring to Your First Year of College

 If you're en route to college and anything like me, you haven't entirely packed yet. Or at all. Which is why I decided to put together this no-fail list of 15 items I think every freshman needs in their closet. Consider this a starting point to build your perfect wardrobe. Hope you enjoy!

1. Statement Piece
Vintage (similar here)
I've talked a lot on the blog about that perfect "statement" jacket or garment, but I don't think I've ever really defined what it meant. Statement is any piece that gets people talking. That's it. Simple right? It's that piece you can throw on at parties and instantly meet new people. I think one statement piece per semester is a good place to start. 

2. Knit Sweater
Everyone needs a good knit in their wardrobe. I personally can't get enough of AA's fisherman and seed-stitch pullover. They'll be great as the colder months start to set in.

3. & 4. Denim Jacket and Striped Shirt
These are relatively self explanatory. A denim jackets is a must, and I recently found this striped boat neck shirt that kind of answers all my prayers. 

5. Crop Tops
I've talked about my obsession with crop tops, and I'm pretty much carrying that into the fall. Their small to pack (which means you can pack a lot) and easy to throw on. 

6. Beaded Jacket 
Beaded jackets are different from sequined ones in that it can be worn both day and night, which means they're definitely more functional in the long run. Use a beaded jacket to transition from a late afternoon class into that nearby dorm party. 

7. Vest
Vintage (similar here)
Vests are a little variation from just a jacket but still add flair to any outfit. I suggest investing in a good embroidered one either new or vintage. I found mine in a vintage store in Portland, Oregon in middle school. 

8. Shoes in Versatile Colors
Converse and Zara 
Shoes in versatile colors go a long way when you have limited closet space and therefore a limited wardrobe. Colors like white, black, blue and brown pretty much go with everything and are guaranteed to match at least one thing in your outfit. I recently bought these all white converse and I am so excited to rough 'em up and wear them with both dresses and jeans.

9. Patterned Dresses
All vintage (similar here, here and here)
I'm a firm believer in that "throw on and go" dress. With one great patterned  dress in your arsenal, you can master rolling out of bed and running to class with barely any thought put into what you have on.

 10. Dark Wash Skinny Jeans
Left to right: American Apparel, American Apparel and JBrand 
I value dark wash denim over light because I feel jeans are used predominately in the fall, whereas in the spring you have the option to throw on skirts and dresses a lot more often.

11. Boyfriend Jeans
Pull out your boyfriend jeans when you don't feel like squeezing into your skinnies. 

12. Leather Jacket
I can remember the first time I started looking for the perfect leather jacket: I was 8 years old and after searching for several months, I thought I had maybe found "the one" at Macy's. It was sleek and square and by Jones New York, but I came off looking more like Ross from Friends than the bad-ass girl I wanted to be. So, it's not an understatement when I say I literally have been looking for the perfect leather jacket for years. I finally found it this past week when Topshop was having it's Back to School sale. The leather is just light enough for that California cool weather, and I bought it a size bigger to layer underneath it when needed. 

13. Sequin Dress 
Six Shore Road beaded dress (similar here) and Zara heels
For those Gatsby themed parties or when your friend's parents fly into town and offer to take you to dinner.

14. Overalls 
Honestly? Overalls may be one of my favorite clothing inventions. I think they're such an easy "statement" without being too crazy. I mean its just denim after all. 

15. Varsity Jacket 
Larkk & Wolff by Steven Alana and vintage USC jacket (similar here and here)
Of course what wardrobe wouldn't be complete without a varsity/baseball jacket in your school's colors?