Thursday, August 22, 2013

Oregon Round-Up

I'm currently blogging from my newly-moved-into dorm room but I wanted to share these photos I took on instagram while in Oregon. Although I love the city, sometimes being in the countryside is just the right thing.

I wore my American Apparel overalls and white spandex crop tank almost the entire time. It's the perfect berry picking outfit. 
My cousin Taylor and two best friends Anna and James came up for the weekend and it was so great to have everyone together before we all went our separate ways in the fall.
There was a lot of laughter that weekend. 

Of course we had to go swimming in the nearby creek.

(American Apparel swimsuit and overalls)

Berries and leopard.
 (American Apparel baby doll dress)
This is a shot I got at the airport when I arrived. 
Wearing a Madewell jacket, American Apparel easy jean and Casbah Cafe leather backpack. 

I also shot this short video of us at the creek. Magical, right?