Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fast Times

I dont know if this is universal, but in LA film photos with teenagers are huge. I know a lot of readers want to know about my private/social/high school life, so here are a couple of photos from the past couple of months with friends at parties, events etc. etc.
This is actually a real live school outfit, although it isn't a full body shot. Vintage Hawaiian with JBrand skinny jeans has been a staple over the past couple weeks.
The two above photos are from London in August on Portobello road. In the first Im wearing a vintage Ferragamo scarf, and in the second I'm wearing Genetic Denim jeans with American Apparel dance shoes and a Marc by Marc Jacobs backpack.
The above three are from my friend's birthday party in October. I'm wearing a vintage velvet dress and vintage leather boots + my Kate Spade orange Giraffe iPhone case.
Leftover from a party in July. The sequin jacket is in action here.
This is at FYF music fest. This tank top is amazing vintage I bought at a flea market and will get detail shots as soon as possible. Its incredible.
In Edinburgh, Scotland this past summer in one of my favorite vintage sweatshirts. It has a navajo feel thats perfect for throwing on with a pair of jeans and feeling groovy.

Hope you enjoyed! Regular posting will resume soon, I promise. Just bear with me until I finish my play. xoxo


The Fancy Teacup said...

Such lovely glimpses of your regular life. You look stylish and beautiful as always. Have fun with the play!

Francy Flicks said...

Love the photo of you with the dress and boots! The last photo is also so fun!

Lydia said...

What a cool little glimpse into your life. It looks super fun. I love the shot where you're sitting in all those candles.

Steffys Pros and Cons said...

i love this photo diary! i wanna go to london!

<3 steffy

Aissata said...

lovely. great post


amalie said...

such cute pictures!!

The Flightless Darling said...

These are great film shots :) like really, really great!!


Ps. Good luck on your play! Or, actually, break a leg :) aha

Wildthingsrunfast said...

Cute pics!
You definitely seem to have a vibrant personality.
Love the vintage lace top.

Night at Vogue said...

Lovely photos!

Jade Briony said...

you have a fun life :D i love london! i hope your play goes well :)

Magnet said...

Aw cute photos, the velvet dress is so amazing. Love it.

Allison Young said...

ah, i dont have twitter! but i think it's so cool that you are excited to watch the hunger games too! (and i totally agree about casting choices!)

Caitlin said...

Love the fur jacket!!


A Dollop of DIY said...

hope your play goes well! those take so much time!!

the gorgeous said...

fabulous moments! loove all this!
velvet jacket is insane ;)


Anonymous said...

U kind of look like a brunette version of hoku lol

Opposite lipstick said...


Mary said...




Mónica C. Welton said...

marvelous pictures i enjoyed this post a lot!


Melissa xx said...

very cool pics! xx