Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Im sick of chains, the 80s, studs and the whole rocker look, and the fact that I still dont own a rosary.
I want feminine, ethereal, glamourus, and beautiful looks.

Went to Marc by Marc Jacobs today (more on that later) and I saw two people, a guy and a girl, not together, wearing the Christopher Kane howling monkey tshirt. Is it just me or is that unoriginal to the extreme? I think the whole point of that tee was supposed to be that it was sooo original, and yet, now its completely not.
ETA: Okay, so I guess some of you got offended or disagreed strongly with me on this one. I guess I wasnt saying this clearly. The whole hype about the shirt was that it was extraordinary and unlike anything any of us had ever seen before. As is most of Mr. Kane's stuff. However, suddenly its become nothing extraordinary because everyone was wearing it. Take the time to check out this post. Dont you think thats semi-ridiculous? However, this post is coming from a person whos just witnessed fashion week, which I will get into another post, but let me tell you. For the past five days Ive seen studs, the 80s, chains, and this CKane tee over and over again. Which can get very, very tiring. Especially since I thought NYFW was going to be unlike anything Id ever witnessed. (But thats for another post) Also. Im not trying to be original. Im trying to wear what I want to wear and figure out my own style, which I havent done yet. Also, also. I havent worn neon bike shorts in 4 months.
If I could own and wear everything in this current Elle editorial I would.


Anonymous said...

IT'S JUST YOU. i'm sorry but you can't just bash others' style just because it's not like the one you're currently into. i thought you seemed cool and accepting of things as they are and as others' may precieve them, but now not so much.

side note: i don't own that shirt or have the rocker look.

brooke said...

i can see why you would want to own everything here, it is gorgeous!

Unfortunately, the rocker, studs and black thing is just a current style that is getting old for some people.. I'm sure it will be gone in a couple of seasons. I know what you mean about originality... that's why it is good at the moment that another thing 'in style' is the look you describe, that etheral, gorgeous, olivier theyskens sort of look... it's a nice backup and a lovely contrast.


alissa loves said...

oh my word how beautiful is that editorial? I would totally want to own all of it too, especially the dress with the embellished sleeves...

MB_ said...

Gosh, that editorial is beautiful! Funny that people that don't agree with you comment anonymous haha!
I don't think its original anymore...

xoxo Fashion Waitress

Cypriotchick said...

All the photos are amazing! i really love the white lace top in the second photo and wouldn't mind one myself :D

Also all the outdoorsy shots are just fab!


macky said...

i do understand your take on this trend. its overplayed extreme by the masses and even hollywood reality stars. its generic now in the sense that its worn and paired up the same way alike.

Jacquie said...

to be honest, nothing is ever original. there are some who were doing the rocker look when it wasn't so big, then there are some who have discovered it recently and absolutely love it!

personally, i get annoyed when people name drop certain designers *cough cough Alexander Wang* and think they've earned their "cool" status.

i'm sure some other "street fashion tribe" will be mimiked soon... who knows, in 2 years time, the Next Big Thing could be like this editorial!!


JordanMayTwigs said...

I can't help but laugh at the person who wrote the first comment.
Under an unknown name none the less!!!

I'm with you on this one sister!!!

Although I will say that I am a part of the city "punk" scene.
Which I will say being a girl in who loves fashion is quite hard.
Even more so since my "scene" is so anti fashion.

My boy friend kids with me that one day when we both have loads of money that hes going to bring me to the most expensive places.
[[ We live in C-Squat on 10th and Ave C. ]]
I can currently only dream of that day.
Until then I am happy making my cloths.
And getting my things off the streets and donated to me.

Peace Love && Lipstick

samantha ezra. said...

urgh! i love everything in this editorial! thanks for sharing (:


N said...

i completely agree. i dont hate the black and studs and that but i think there is way too much of it now. before i wasnt really sure about marc jacobs, i didnt particulary like him probs cos i dont like the 80s. but this collection? i pat him on the back.

louisiana mei said...

i agree with you 100%.
i'm sick of it. i'm sick of everyone looking exactly the same. okay, so maybe one studded item is okay.

i've been loving the whole white, flowy, girly, peaceful looks for so long now, wondering when they'll come back.

Liya said...

whimsy, quirk, and femininity



Meho said...

This editorial is just so serene and gorgeous!

I understand your stance on the rocker look, won't deny i still like some studs here and there, but it is getting a bit too much.

Meho xx

Isabel said...

Looooveee these photos. Amazing.



i love the photos...

Emilie said...

Well I like both ethreal and rocker I think it's understandable to go through phases of
This sort. Everyone's taste morphs and evolves. What I would say is that I don't think you should like or dislike anything based on it's popularity. If you like the shirt you shouldn't find it less appealing because it is gaining mainstream popularity. Just as you shouldn't start liking it for that reason. I understand what you're saying though.

JFK Jean said...

I agree with Jacquie, anything we do more than likely has already been done before. It's funny how some people will consider certain colors or styles to be "trendy" b/c no matter what you'll see all kinds of colors and sequins and studs, etc when it's hot or not.

I personally love the 80's revival and I can see why most people would hate it, bringing back old and hard memories of looking horrible. MJ, Stella, Balmain to name a few have modernized it and aesthetically looks 10x better than it did 20, 25 years ago.

Just Like Honey said...

I 100% agree I want my lace to be on a train of a long-sleeved dress not ripped or dirty.

ROULA said...

I totally agree with you. I hadn't realized that until you mentioned it. It's not fun anymore wearing so many studs and chains. I definitely want more feminine and simple looks!

thatsorad said...

:) It is the Ying and Yang of fashion. I feel that it goes from one extream to another. :) I am down with variaty.

In reality I always stay true to my own persional style. It happens to be concert tees but it is not to make a statement rather that it is what I love. :) CS

PS I just posted my 100th post(which is the antithisis of what you like LOL) and I wanted to take the opertunity to say thank you for your comments and SUPPORT!!! YOU rock!

Anonymous said...

Hate to tell you but neon cycle shorts are completely 80's...

Susu Paris Chic said...

Glam looks are always welcome! I like alternating styles. But glamorous living with little sprinkles of everyday luxury... there's nothing like it!

Susu Paris Chic

Isabel said...

Sing it sister. I have been so sick of seeing overstudded things for what feels like a very long time. Studs need to go away and not show their face for a very long time.

ThatTeen said...

Haha. I guess everyone has different takes on trends, xo.

Diyanah Rozli said...

I actually love that particular decade (80's). The clothes , the music even, dare I say, the hair. I am loving the 80's revival/comeback and I hope it'll stay for abit longer. But alas, to each his own.

miss_vogue said...

wansering STYLISHLY!?!?!?!?!

jamie clare said...

I KNOW. i love this editorial as well. i ripped the first picture out and freaking framed it, i love it so much.

i like elements of the "whole rocker look", and i personally would never buy the kane gorilla tee. i think there are definitely ways, though, that you could make it look original - after all it's all about how you style it. but if you have the tee just to be "in," then that's just sad.

zoe. xox said...

It's a great editoral, and kinda agree with you on the studs and everything... But it doesn't stop me from wanting the stuff like that! I'm sure it'll go after a few seasons.
And i will be buying the CK crocadile dress when it hits Topshop, because i feel in love with it! I think its stupid when people just buy 'cos everyone else is though...

yumiko said...

nice editorial!

i hope this doesnt sound like im bashing at you, but

if you look up the term 'fashion' in a dictionary, you will most likely see a definition with the word 'trend' in it. Fashion isn't about being 100 percent original. Christopher Kane made those tops for people to enjoy, and to start a trend, like what fashion is supposed to be about. Just because you saw two, two? people wearing what they love, and it happens to be a trend, you can't go around bashing them, saying they're not 'original'. and i think there aren't any rules in fashion. you can be trendy or original, so long as you enjoy it. also, trying to be 'original' and not being it at all is another trend, which we all seem to accept with your posts.

yumiko said...

nice editorial!

i hope this doesnt sound like im bashing at you, but

if you look up the term 'fashion' in a dictionary, you will most likely see a definition with the word 'trend' in it. Fashion isn't about being 100 percent original. Christopher Kane made those tops for people to enjoy, and to start a trend, like what fashion is supposed to be about. Just because you saw two, two? people wearing what they love, and it happens to be a trend, you can't go around bashing them, saying they're not 'original'. and i think there aren't any rules in fashion. you can be trendy or original, so long as you enjoy it. also, trying to be 'original' and not being it at all is another trend, which we all seem to accept with your posts.

Laura Gerencser said...

Love the pics!! I totally agree with you!!:):)

mosey said...

I'm with ya. These are gorgeous looks. I especially love the last one!

Roz said...

Wow! You've sure started a big debate here :)
It was actually really interesting to read all of these comments.
personally, I'm with you, and glad that I'm not the only one out there who has a slight dislike of eighties fashion! And althought that particular Christopher Kane t-shirt was interesting when it first came out,it's kind of become a bit more of a status symbol really. Everyone knows that its christopher Kane! (if you know what I mean..)
I think I just prefer quirky clothes (usually vintage in my case.) Thats why I admire your blog, because you're so unique! I'd like to think mine is too..
Thanks for posting thesepictures, I think they're really beautiful.


Anonymous said...

AMEN! so sick of most of the crap out there. i don't care if someone's donning head to toe black or something full of studs, but it gets tiring. i'm not bashing personal style but you're really on to something. 'rocker street chic' has had its moment. it already feels dated. so refreshing to hear a voice saying so.

CMA said...

i love everything about this editorial shoot
and coming from a girl who has not given into the 90s style stud rocker chic, i know what you mean
there is no styling behind ripped jeans and old mens tshirt
where is the structure? the pattern? the joy of finding new texture?
hopefully, it will return soon.

check out my blog @

robin k said...

I think that it's really funny that you're sick of "chains, the 80s, studs, and the whole rocker look" when I clearly remember you wearing Balmain knockoffs that are dripping in studs, a leather corset, and saying that white tanks over neon bike shorts was your go to look for the summer.

You can't call someone unoriginal just because they are buying into trends. To me, it's almost unoriginal to claim that you're sick of the lack of originality in fashion. People buy in to trends that they want to buy into, for some people it's studs and the rocker look. Who said that full skirts were original, or polka dotted tights? I've seen all those things about a million times before.

I'm sorry this comment is so long and drawn out, but you have to accept that fashion repeats itself over, and over again, and complaining about it is just really annoying.

Maddie said...

I'm so freaking sick of that dumb gorilla shirt

Anonymous said...

it's things like this that remind me how young you are. seriously, ease up on the judgement. fashion is trendy, and that's how it is, so why would you even bother whining about it? personal style is personal, end of story.

The Voguette said...

fantastic editorial! it seems like it was shot just for your blog! lol. its so good to hear that you're having fun at fashion week!

<3 The Voguette

ps. those diamond tights down there are killer!!

Anonymous said...

I don't see why people are jumping down your throat for this. All you're saying is that YOU are tired of the trend and YOU are ready for something new. I agree wholeheartedly.

Claire said...

I agree with you completely. And why are people getting so fussy jut because you're stating your opinion?

btw I love the editorial!

Amelia said...

I completely agree, too. That look is nice in moderation (sometimes), but I've seen way too much of it. I'm loving this editorial!

I think it's really sad that the CKane shirt is old already, though I agree that it is. He shouldn't have sold it.

Anonymous said...

Coming from the one who bought into the CLAW pendants that EVERYONE was wearing

Niviarsiaq said...

two words: you rock!

I'm not completely over the whole 80's punk thing (recently watching "Working Girl" may have had some effect on that) but I do agree that it used to be original and now it's just trashy. I mean if you can rock the look in a very chic way (totally possible) then great, but when you're wearing like ripped nylons, studs, leather, super short shorts etc. all together it just looks wrong. Thanks for posting this!! <3

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you on this, these pictures are amazing, and if I had enough money I would buy you all this and myself ofcorse haha.
I say let everyone been and gorn with the studs maybe wait a 2 years give or take and then start weaing them again.

Meg said...

I agree with this entire post. That damn gorilla shirt is the ugliest thing I've ever seen, and it may have been kinda cool if I saw it once, but now it's trendy and hideous and over done.

Also, the 80s-on-heroin look is completely old. Thank you for speaking your mind; who cares if some bitches complain? They can go somewhere else.

Kathy said...

This concept of trendiness and originality comes up so much! I just had a conversation about it with one of my friends and how perpetuated everything is and how nothing can be original because we don't live in a vacuum. We're inspired by the things we see and we can't help being influenced by trends and what's out there, I think especially so in the fashion world.

Also, I think you're a really cool and fashionable girl and I respect your opinion. I think the whole 80s grunge look can look really cool on some people, but yes the trend is getting old.

Lastly, I love love love this editorial, done by none other than my most favorite photographer in the world: Lina Scheynius. If you're looking for some ephemeral beauty as inspiration, then look up her work, it's great!

Adaam said...

Being original is a trend lol. but yeah give studs a year, once a celeb or fashion icon starts wearing them, they will be back in the spotlight! :)

but for now studs are like some old shoes that you have worn over and over again, and then a year later you discover them again and completely fall back in love with them.


CH!C $hock said...

haha! i believe a blog is to voice your opinion...which you are doing so why are ppl freaking ?

btw- love this editorial

Jillian said...

wow! amazing!
while i always do enjoy looking at studs / 80's it's nice to be casual

i am always true to myself and while other people may find the whole hipser trendy look wonderful, i've just never been that person! good for you for saying what you think not sure why anyone is upset? ha

oh well <3 wish i could have bumped into you while i was still in NY! maybe next season! hope you have a safe flight home!

Flashes of Style said...

I agree... I've always been one to embrace feminine looks. Not necessarily the lighter colors, but definitely more delicate pieces :)

Grey Sequins said...

July 16th - neon pink bike shorts. I'm pretty sure that's exactly two months ago. Not four. Nice try.

Mr. Kate said...

wow, quite a discussion! i personally love the stud look, however, i also love the ethereal fairy boho look. I personally have never been one to subscribe to what's "in style" but rather what i like! if you don what you like and makes you feel good, then that will always be stylish.

Stylish, you have a knack for putting looks together and this is your forum to chronicle your experiences with fashion and I absolutely support you expressing your opinion about anything and everything!

don't let the haters get you down. they obviously took the time to click, visit, read and comment, so you've still got the power.

you go girl, in all your ethereal wonder!
xoxo - kate

Damsels said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Damsels said...

dont feel the need to explain yourself .. .this is your blog and you're allowed your own opinion.

Alexandra said...

I agree with you on the studs and chains and all that. By the way, you shouldn't feel the need to explain your opinion! This is your blog and you're allowed to say whatever you want. People are always going to disagree. Love the editorial.

Goodle. said...

Well hey, how about mixing studs with those 'earthy' dresses. Now that would be a new trend ;)

Goodle x

Anonymous said...

People, get over it.

Meeks said...

I see that you were photographed by Face Hunter! I loved that outfit.

Addie said...

I think your post was fine the first time, why'd you have to add a hugely defensive paragraph? I DON'T EFFING CARE IF YOU WORE CYCLE SHORTS 4 MONTHS AGO. Jeez, just read the anon comments and move on. This is like the 4th time you've done a post completely dedicated to defending yourself to anonymous losers. Just stop caring!

geisharock said...

I definitely agree with you on the unoriginal point. I don't mind studs, the 80s, chains, etc as such but its most interesting when people find their own way of wearing them, rather than just bashing all the "trends" together and looking identical. The problem with good trends (i.e. that shirt) is that they catch on pretty quickly and become over-hyped and over-exposed in an instant. I will definitely not be buying this tee or any variation on it just because I know I'll see someone else in it walking down the streets of London!

Loved your overalls on facehunter ;)


Anonymous Coward said...

You guys! She;s 12 years old, of course she's going to try and defend herself against any and all anonymous internet bullies!

Summer said...

Gorgeous editorial! =D Looking forward on your next post.

A Writers Den
Brown Mestizo

indigotangerine said...

J'adore these pictures.
totally with you. The rocker look can be cool, but I just need a breath of fresh air. it's funny though, these trends that we feel are so overdone haven't even hit mainstream yet, just the fashion community.

Tayler said...

OMG, exactly, even though i do love the easy rocker style/ look, im starting to get tired of it. I too want something more feminine and classy,

miko1 said...

rocker look is getting a bit annoying.. i agree... i wanna go to NYFW but i live in a little old country called new zealand..

oh well we have our own fashion week.. ill go to that..

Anonymous said...

easy on the opinion girl. You're 14. What do you know? I used to like you. But i think this whole fashion thing has gone way over your head. You be careful, it's not good for you.

you're talking about the billion dollar industry. Fashion and trends. You may not like it now, but admit it you've gone gaga over studs and 80's style many times. Wait you don't know the 80's. Embrace the 80's style before it's gone and you start doing it over again.

the reader

Sunkissed Siren said...

well people get tired because they base all of their outfits on that trend.

if u like it i think u should wear it. the challenge is how to pull it off without looking like everyone else.

i'm not bothered by your comment but maybe you can sugarcoat it a little for the benefit of the others who like it.

but everyone, there's no reason to become ballistic

Pretty Pirate said...

You are right on about "trendy things" that is why all the older "fashion Icons" are not trendy, they have also figured it out and are over it. Kudos to you for doing so at such a young age.

calico said...

You're awesome! Inherently stylish. Original. And smart.

What is all this about "bashing" people. To me, this post read as a thoughtful musing/observation about fashion - and a rather politely-worded one at that!

But way to start a controversy!

Keep having opinions!

Kate said...

Good for you for standing up for yourself, girl. This is your outlet . . . say what you like!

Caleb Poling said...

While I agree fashion is about trying to remain original, a big chunk also comes from trends.

It's like Camilles, from Childhood Flames quote says "Nothing of me is original"

Nothing of you is original.
Everything you do and post has been done before, and if it hasn't been done that way, well then it was other's influences that got you to do it that way.

All in all, fashion is fashion and people will always have an opinions.

Im sure if everyone was wearing this peaceful, flowy, feminine garmets then you would be sick of that too.

Or perhaps you would love it and be with everyone, and someone out there would post how they are annoyed that everyone is doing the natural simple chic look.

All of it really doesn't matter,
you're blog is good, no need for anyone to bash.

Georgina. said...

Don't try to defend yourself, girl!
You're entitled to your own opinion :)
Don't let people tell you that you have no right to it because you are young. You are probably more knowledgeable than most of your critics.

at least you don't post your opinions anonymously. cowards? looks like it.

Neekoh said...

I absolutely agree with you! Whether it's the gorilla tee or some other fleeting trend, it's sad to see everyone jump on board like they're doing something cool. Style is about originality and picking out the pieces and trends that appeal to YOU, not to the masses.
Lovely post and I love your outfit in the one above too!

English Rose said...

Woah, some of the people on here are being stupidly harsh! Yes, she may be young, but how many of you people who bashed her have had as many oppertunities within the fashion industry, at least she is recognised!

She isn't saying that's what everyone should think, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and it's HER blog!
And I do agree, the studs were good when not so many people were doing it, but when millions of people start doing it because Rihannah rocked it or whatever becomes some what tedious.

You've got an amazing blog girl, carry on :)!


anne said...

I'm loving the second before last picture, it looks like a sketch from a fairytale book. I'm also not getting the gorilla shirt and it's 'originality'; it's just expensive and different from what we had seen before. (although a shirt somewhat like it was really popular here in Holland during the soccer world championships..)

Rachel said...

I was just thinking about that yesterday! I'm done with studs. Done with the whole grunge look thing. With that I mean this Grunge to the max thing that's been going on last seasons.
I want feminine, I want silk, blouses, ruches, bows. I want 30's/40's glam.

Sasha said...

I just read the debate and I think that a lot of people here are being as "judgmental" as they claim you are being with your statements.

You are entitled to your own opinion.

People must learn to be tolerant of everything, even intolerance.

WendyB said...

Honey, the fashion world is not original and anyone who thinks so is not really a part of it or just fooling themselves. Anyone who does something truly original gets nowhere. It's better to be the fourth or fifth person who is doing something. I've had editors and retailers tell me this. It's too hard to sell something unique. Better to be part of a trend and get everyone's stamp of approval. So-called fashion-forward people are usually looking around to make sure they're not totally out of step with everyone else.

You keep saying what you think on your blog. You don't have to cater to conventional wisdom!

Amanda said...

this is YOUR personal blog and you are stating YOUR personal opinion. If people have a problem with it and you feel like you cannot say what you would like to about fashion on your own fashion blog, there is something wrong. youre young, fashionable, and entitled to your own opinion!

Lily said...

That gorilla shirt is fucking hideous. What is with the uproar?

Amber said...

Personally, I never understood that shirt. Can't you see it at any zoo you visit? I have as a child.

It's your blog love. Write what you feel. Don't worry about anything else :)

Isabel Roitfeld-Wintour said...

Stylish Wanderer, I completely agree with you. You go girl :) your style is very cool and since this is YOUR blog, you have every right to state your opinion. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I understand what you're saying, but I try not to judge people for being unoriginal. (The operative word being 'try'. I actually do it all the time. For instance, I can't help but HARSHLY JUDGE people who wear anything from Kate Moss's range. Or gladiator sandals, which saddens me deeply. I actually really like them, but EVERYONE is wearing them these days. Some people you KNOW are just wearing them because they're impossible to ignore in shops and are basically the only sandals available these days. And always the same style of glads! There are some gorgeously original pairs out there)

ANYWAY. I try not to judge because you never know if the person actually is wearing it solely 'cause they like it - not because it's "fashionable" [I hate that word and all its connotations] - or if they actually got it before everyone started wearing it. I mean, all trends were original at some point, right?

Anyway, as it happens I hate those t-shirts, and I understand what you mean. It's so obviously Christopher Kane, which makes it look like people are wearing it for this reason only.
It's like Ed Hardy t-shirts. I really, really dislike them. I mean, I understand brands putting their logo on things, but this is a t-shirt based solely AROUND a brand. Okay, there was more creativity about it to start with, but I hate it when t-shirts have big ol' brand names on them, and the print is just annoyingly recognisable. Plus, since they're most popular for men, they are hardly ever originally accessorised the way women's t-shirts usually are.

Sorry for the extraordinarily long post - not that anyone's actually read all the way to this point; maybe I should've apologised at the start? - but I just had to get that off my chest!

KAELA said...

This shoot is so lovely!!.. I especially love the photographs with natural settings.
You are totally entitled to your own opinion! :)
People need to chill!... if they disagree then they disagree.




Andrea said...

I think it's true you're entitled to your opinion. And considering the onslaught of negativity, I can understand why you felt the need to justify your opinion BUT I think when you added that part in the end where you said "I haven't worn neon bike shorts in 4 months," you sounded really pretentious. As if to say that your so original and stopped wearing them before they became a trend like the Chris Kane tee. I think you might be trying too hard and being a little contrived; relax, just be yourself.

Kimberley said...

i don't think you can just complain on what you're sick of. everyone has their own style, and i thought you were one of those people who are open to every style their is. if you're sick of the 80's and whole rocker look, then be sick of it. dont bash on how people dresses. if you've got your own style, then dress like it. leave other people alone. it's not like when you say you dont like this-and-that anymore, people will follow your lead.

English Rose said...

to the last comment..
she's not bashing anyone who dresses like that if you actually read it!
she's saying that she's over the whole grunge style..which I agree with because it's annoyingly become mainstream! and whenever that happens it all goes to shit!

I blame Topshop.

domi said...

Oh dear Wanderer, I cannot agree more!! I saw this CKane already few times on the street (in London) and being an old 30-something ;) I am not particularly amazed by 80s big come-back, as I remember it well from my childhood (never like it). In fact love your post and the photos are gorgeous, yes, stylish, ethereal and feminine. Thank you for that post!

Delilah said...

The bashers suck. Adding more hate won't do anything!

I've been thinking the same for quite a while, to be honest. The studs, the creepers, the Alexander Wang. It's a look following a certain trend; I get it, but it's just way too overdone.

I disagree though, saying that there's no originality in fashion. Fashion is what you make it, it's what inspires you. It can be what makes someone feel comfortable or, on the other side of the spectrum, more inclined to take risks. I guess then, fashion can also be following a certain look or a specific and highly popularized style. As long as it makes the dresser feel good, so be it! When a trend gets to the point of being completely over saturated in the fashion industry, however, I think its time for everyone to look to their own inspirations, or perhaps for another trend to come in. But ultimately, the fun in fashion is celebrating it and not taking it too seriously! Enjoy it! Now, onward!