Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Bad Dogs

Hi, Im The Stylish Wanderer and I love laughing. I recently discovered a book from the 80s titled Bad Dogs, and its a series of small drawings with captions underneath them, and no matter how many times Ive read the book I laugh out loud every time. Ive written the caption underneath each picture in case you cant read the authors handwriting. Enjoy :)

Extremely rare cat being delivered by public transport

Cat trying to signal he is being kidnapped

The last known photo of Dr. Colin Jerome

Shrewd cat preparing for the season

Persian heir enjoying a trampoline

Bronson Daniels, ordering two more, being mocked by his dog, Leonard

Young psychic torn between watching television and reading cat's mind

Dog's cover blown by romantic

Robert Wyatt discovers chunk of ice on his deep-pile carpet

Young lad left alone for ten seconds

Lloyd Otis notices a cow advancing in his direction


Florence said...

im really excited about finding your blog- im always looking for interesting fashion and personality and humour- so this is the place to be i guess.
i love the drawings!
ps. viva la vida video- made me laugh, you look great

Daphne said...

These are AMAZING but my absolute favorite would have to be "dog's cover blown by romantic" oh my god the drawing is so funny!!! Thank you, I needed this.

Brigadeiro said...

Haha, amusing & cute, love these! :)

Meg said...

These are so random! It vaguely reminds me of Jack Handy's Deep Thoughts.

Athena. said...

Ahaha, these made me giggle until I got the hiccups!
Lovely photos from your last post, too - you look stunning :)
Your photos always look like you're having fun :)

Lightning Heart said...

hahahahah how brilliant, i love it, especially 'persian heir enjoying a trampoline'
good find!

Robine said...

This is very funny!

Caitlin said...

i love them! you should check out david shrigley


Oh Dear Charlotte said...

hahahha this gave me a good laugh

Claire said...

slightly embarrassed that i didn't get the humour in any of it. Probably due to revision induced mental state of mind. :(

The Voguette said...

these are so cute! i love the angry man in the first pic.

The Voguette

E said...


Miss Red said...

the last one about the cow and the one with the guy being mocked by his dog are definitely my favorites. i love the way this guy draws. it's so cute. the jokes are kinda funny in a weird way if you know what i mean. thanks for posting them and brightening my day!

Georgia said...

great. truly and utterly great.

It would be mine

Jade said...

HAHA awesome, put a smile on my face fro sure... I loved the last one... haha advancing cow..

blorange dice said...

haha!! these are amazing; i definitely laughed out loud too (: I think my favorite is the one with Bronson Daniels ordering two more. thanks for sharing!

Talk Pretty To Me said...

Those are absolutely ridiculous, but definately a good mood booster.


Anonymous said...

HAHA so funny! Thanks for the laugh

pomegranate season said...

Those are hysterical. I think my favorite is 'Dog's cover being blown by romantic.' I laughed out loud. Very cute.

Annie said...

these made me laugh. their simplicity is really sweet.

Isabel said...

Yeahh, these are so cute and funny! thanks for posting!

The Stylish Wanderer said...

florence- oh thanks!

Daphne- that is definitely one of my favorites!

Meg- must check that out!

Athena- haha I try

lightning- i smile every time with that one

Claire- no problem

Miss Red- those are definitely my top two. i almost die laughing with them. i dont know why it never gets old but it doesnt

nezbit said...

These are SO GREAT! Do you happen to know the author of the book so I could look it up?

Sylvia said...

:) :) I love this. The simplicity and captions are just so, so great. My top three are: 'Extremely rare cat being delivered by public transport,' 'Dog's cover blown by romantic,' and 'Lloyd Otis notices a cow advancing in his direction.' Oh wait, and 'Young lad left alone for ten seconds'. And,
Bronson Daniels, ordering two more, being mocked by his dog, Leonard'. Ahh, why am I so bad at picking favorites?? Well, they're all great. I love how the author allows you to use your imagination and put together a story of your own. I want to get this for my dad--I think he would appreciate the sense of humor. Thanks for sharing!

johanna said...

amazing. genius.

now i want to draw.

thank you for this one.

megan said...

awesome drawings there

wecouldgrowup2gether said...

laughing is even better than yoga