Thursday, May 28, 2009

Color Convention

I just about died and went to heaven when I saw this picture. I love the accordion-like folds in the jacket, which boy, I cant say enough of. Look at those crazy tricked out colors going all pastel on us, not to mention the green and gold beading. Total perfection. Id wear this all year long, plus its a nice break from all the Chris Pine photos that have been floating around my laptop the last couple of days. Speaking of wearing/clothing/seasons, this is my current summer "must have" list:
  • neon
  • delicate silver chains
  • loose tank tops
  • oversized pocket tees
  • light blue denim pencil skirt
  • big oversized frames
  • bleached shorts
  • and more...!
What do you plan on wearing this summer?
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Melting Fabric said...

sounds wonderful!
i love the idea of "delicate silver chains"
very cute

im excited for your summer outfits <3

Daphne said...

Love that photo.
My standout summer thing is going to be RED LIPS! It's odd, I've been wearing them a LOT recently, but it's not my usual look. My lips are full enough that nude lipstick looks fine, and I generally go for darker eyes, but in the last month I can't get enough red lipstick, lipgloss, lip pencil! It's odd, but it's just the thing for me this summer, I think!

Brigadeiro said...

Oh my! That pic is surely gorgeous! The colours, the folds, incredible! :)

I'm heading towards Winter instead of Summer, so my list will consist of:

*Opaque stockings
*Finding the perfect pair of riding leather boots
*Striped wool gloves (fingerless and not)
*Longline cardigans
*Sweater dresses


Chelsea said...

The fabric reminds me of the marble/bubble paper you make at primary school...that's no bad thing.

Midnight traveller said...

AMAZING. I would want to live in it too. It would make everyday feel magic.

I'm going in to winter too so no exciting summer wish list for me. I just want more winter hats, some shoes and a new coat. Wish though. Not have list.

Emmy said...

OH. the colours in that are stunning.

hmmm, summer must haves....

-light, floaty dresses
-loosely clingy tanks
-neons (of course)
-vintage sunglasses
-denim cutoffs
-pretty silver rings
-braids, braids, braids

and obviously tons more :-)

Anonymous said...

YOU COULD TOTALLY ROCK IT[]=tags&includes[]=title

Damsels said...

yeah i love everything about this picture .

im planning on not wroking and spending days at the beach and of course bloging

We Were Damsels

Ava said...

GSADHFOPW NO WORDS that jacket is pure unadulterated AWESOME!

this summer i'm going to wear....
-TALL shoes
-lotsa mesh
-shorts (denim and otherwise)
-baggy, sheer crop tops
-a little spandex (duh!)
-substantial jewelry (like some crazy-tacky faux-punk studded cuffs? i think YES).

...that was fun! i love summer!!!


Annie said...

dark brown leather gladiator sandals
perfectly slouchy, sheer tees
simple tank dresses
a black sequined vest from h&m
small, ladylike leather bags (like the ones you're selling!)

that jacket is KILLAHHHHH.

indigotangerine said...

great picture, all of the elements work together perfectly. I want everything on your list plus, little french braids, layers of skinny belts, slouchy tanks, mens shirts,lilac shorts and bare feet

Cupcake Stand said...

This jacket reminds me of cake! I love it!

Laura Gerencser said...

Love the pleating on the jacket!!

Lo G. said...

Gorgeous. Such amazing craftsmanship.

summer= easy breezy fabrics for me. and hopefully lots of shorts since I JUST started wearing them this year.

Check out my blog!

The Voguette said...

the beading is amazinggg and i most definitely want neon for the summer but all i have is a flourescent pink ccskye bracelet and some neon pink nail polish - note to self - must be more brave and tackle neon head-on.

The Voguette

Adri said...

The detailing of that jacket is amazing. Its totally different then anything i have ever seen. Its just gorgeous.

Natalie said...

I've just discovered your blog, and I have to say I love it! As for what I'll be wearing this summer, definetely breezy wrap skirts. And I'm glad to know that others have been obsessing over Chris Pine as much as I have been :)

Sunset said...

Woow, those colors... stunning.

For me:
- loose, drapey tanks
- sandals (non-gladiator)
- floral cotton dresses
- messy hair all day

But a lot of these things I like normally, not just for summer... haha. :)

Mardjan said...

that jacket is pretty bold!

im wearing:

jeans shorts
high waisted skirts
big t shirts worn as dresses
looses tanks
floaty summer dresses

cant wait!

Ashley said...

THe accordion detaling is so intricate. Beautiful brilliant colors as well.

E said...

This photo is incredible. Like candy for my eyes.

Chris Pine is HOTT!

Isabel said...

For me, summer is all about oversize t-shirts. Well, actually - most of life is about oversize t-shirts for me.

Delmy said...

I love her hair color...I'll be wearing lots and lots bright colors!

The Frocker said...

Both the jacket and Chris Pine are gorgeous -- can't really blame you!

Stacy said...

the sleeves are what first caught my attention! for the summer im looking for some good cut-off shorts and sheer tops

and nothing wrong with looking at chris pine haha

Lily said...

yay for that jacket! i plan on wearing my grandma's hippie clothes that I found in their attic. teehee

Fabi said...

this jacket is CRAZY GORGEOUS.

holierthannow said...

two words:


Amelia said...

That jacket is amazing! I can't imagine what kind of labor went into it--the details are all so perfect.

blorangedice said...

wowww, yeah, you definitely found i winner here. i'm in love! this summer will definitely be full of:

easy, breezy dresses
bike shorts
my new floral romper (:
and... some short sleeved button-downs with shorts. i could really use a few more of those.

Ty Ty said...

omg... I am in love... this jacket is a work of art!
my summer wardrobe is:

floaty florals
studded accesories
lots of feathered things
retro printed shades

Ty Ty

Cindy said...

I absolutely love Chris Pine :D

WendyB said...

The jacket is amazing.

BB&HH said...

Omg !
I love it !

Lex Diamonds said...

this photo is AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

um where can i stalk this jacket?!

enterrement de vie de jeune fille said...

I love neon