Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Q&A Part 2

No one asked me what my favorite candy was. To this, I frown. See? Im frowning.
Part 2 of my Question and Answer. No explanations, just read my thoughts.

If you could only wear one designer for the rest of your life, which one would it be? Yves Saint Laurent. Hands down. Always classic. I can wear it now, I can wear it when Im thirty. Or.... lets hope.

Do you intend on working in the fashion industry in the future? What are your future career plans? That sounds like so much fun. However, I know its not as glamorous as they make it out to be. I know its a lot of hard, tough work. Would I like to go to Paris Fashion Week? Yes. Would I like to be a designer? I dont know.

Which celebrity do you think you dress the most similarly to? So hard! I dont know! How bout, you tell me?

How long have you played piano & what pieces are you working on? and what about violin? Piano for 5 years, off and on. Right now, Clair De Lune, a bunch of pieces from Pride and Prejudice. Violin, just trying to get through the basics. ;)

Do you think you will ever make yet another blog? Possibly. Maybe. A style blog? Probably not. If this ends, I think thats it. Photography, music? Maybe. (Oooo.Why so mysterious?)

How did you get into fashion? My mother and my aunt. They love to wear beautiful clothing.

What's your biggest quirk? I laugh so loudly.

What kind of international cuisine is your favorite? Mexican or Thai. Ah! Or Italian.

How long does it take you too pick out an outfit in the morning? Anywhere from 5 minutes to 45, (I know! I know! Terrible.)

What are your top 3 must have acessories? Some sort of ring, handbag, black watch.

Do you have any siblings? And if so, do they like fashion as well? No siblings!

What's your favorite book? No idea. Soooo many.

Who is your favorite musician/band? Coldplay, MGMT, Vampire Weekend, Simon and Garfunkel, Hans Zimmer, Debussy, Schumann, Beethoven, the list goes on!

Would you ever get together and meet another fashion blogger? Ive always thought it would be so much fun. Whether my mother would go for it, or not...who knows. Though everyone is says "dont meet people from the internet!" etc. It depends on the fashion blogger I guess. Ah, Im so mean.

In realation to your dec. 18th post, is that the area where you live? The scenary looks stunning. Yes it is! Thank you.

What advice would you give someone who is trying to start their own blog? Definitely, you must have a: clear layout, nice clear pictures, things to say and share, and put some effort into it! No famous blogger has gotten where they are right now without some hard work. Also, comment on other peoples blogs! Its the greatest way to network and get the word out.

Do you regret asking people to post questions? Not at all! I wish there were more.

How's the kid at school who's obsessed with squirrels? Haha. Not so good, Im afraid. He received a KK present from a kid at school. It was a squirrel bookmark. He was really upset. However, he's fine now. Or....Lets hope.

What is your favorite piece to play on piano? Right now, We Three Kings. Its suped up on jazz steroids, Im afraid. All the cool cats play it. So much fun.

Do you think starting a fashion/style blog is a good way to introduce yourself into the fashion industry? Definitely! It opens your eyes up to all the different designers and photographers and stylists in the industy, that way, if you muster up the courage to perhaps start out at a fashion publication, you already know everything! Also, so much inspiration comes from other bloggers for me. I definitely do not dress the same way before I started blogging, and in a good way.

What is your favorite afternoon snack? EVER. French fries!


Deborah said...

I've just started a blog that's mostly about fashion\style and you're right about what you said. It can really help you to learn a lot about the industry before you actually go out and become a fashion journalist\stylist\designer.
Interesting to read what you had to say!

this wheel's on fire said...

LOVE swedish fish :)

Wincing the Night Away said...

i love vampire weekend and MGMT AND swedish fish:)

Jesse said...

So sorry I didn't ask you what your favorite candy is, but it's all right, I like Tootsie Rolls and Swedish Fish, too.

(Thanks, by the way.)

The Clothes Horse said...

Some fun questions and cool answer. I LOVE We Three Kings, it's my favorite Christmas song...though technically the song is supposed to be sung after Christmas, oh well. :)

Jordan said...

swedish fish!
i didn't read anything else from this post, just wanted to say swedish fish! hah they are amazing

keira antoia rose said...

Claire de lune and the Pride and Prejudice music soo pretty...really great piano peices to choose. I also like Coldplay, MGMT, and Vampire Weekend.

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

Hot Bot said...

The whole blog affecting your style true. Not that I have/had much style to begin with. But I can feel a change. I feel the tide coming in, or going out. Whatevs.

We don't have swedish fish in Hawai'i!!!!

Kelly said...

oh man, i am now seriously craving some swedish fish.......

Ally said...

I love MGMT, never tried swedish fish though. I don't get much good American candy here.

♥ fashion chalet said...

I'll do cartwheels for Swedish Fish! xxx


frncs said...

Poor squirrel kid.
I have never heard of swedish fish, but according to all these comments... I am missing out. x

Sunset said...

I absolutely love that you love classical too. Almost a lost art with our generation.

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