Tuesday, December 02, 2008

One Glove, One Heart, Lets Get Together and Feel Alright

By this tree I sit,
Quite a bit.
Why it makes me haaapy?
I dont know. [shrugs shoulders]
Someone save this tree for mee.

That was a song sung by a tree-hugging hippie that can make bird calls that I had the unfortunate chance to meet.
She was out of tune is all I can say about her.
I probably murdered that last part. Nickwhich is Native American for thank you, but I cant tell you how to spell it.

Stay gold, peeps.

light wash jeans- chip and pepper
gray cuffed shirt- old
bronze boots- doc marten
silver bracelets- vintage
black fingerless glove- unknown
dark brown leather belt- vintage, stolen from aunt


May Kasahara said...

I wore my docs today too!

Malena said...

Nice title, haha
Any reason you wore one glove?

J. said...

I'm really liking this whole outfit. It looks comfy and grungy - but not like creepy/dirty/ratty. Like, nice grungy. The single glove thing you've got going on adds to that whole look. Perfect for a Tuesday :)

Val said...

Love the doc martens. I just sold mine :( (tear). It sucks being broke.

Brigadeiro said...

Ah...Docs...Am probably showing my age here, but haven't worn them in over 10 years! How I miss them!

roxanne said...

i still haven't gotten over how perfect your docs are..

Nita-Karoliina said...

you look really good here!

Rissa said...

I love this, the belt ties it all together nicely.

I think I've mentioned this before but I love your photography.

Do you want to trade links?


You have beautiful long hair! And I like your pictures! :)

┼×eNaY said...

great outfit!<3

Grandmother's Tales said...

i love this outfit.

deep_in_vogue said...

love your style!

Olivia June said...

could you do a close up of your bracelets? or just describe what you put together? its my current obsession but tiny wrists + rings that i insist on wearing 24/7 no matter what = big mess

: (

love tree singing hippies... at least they don't live in the trees and throw fliers at you a la' my hometown

Lydia said...

The title made me laugh.

I like the clothes. =D

Bella said...


Love the one-glove action...


Isabel said...

Those boots are some bad ass shit!

Anonymous said...

just a note-- Native American isn't a language :)
there are many different languages for different tribes...