Wednesday, December 17, 2008

no, unfortunately, those are not my sequined feet. i know. sad face.

My header (that some of you saw but then I took it down) came from the cobra snake. I just loved the picture so much! Here is someandsomemore from that batch of photos. There is something so wrong about this party, and yet it is all so right.
I wouldnt mind attending a shindig like this and parade around in colorful brights, and hanging whites and a GIANT NEON pair of wings. Plus, I would glow under a dark light. Hows that for indulging in ones childhood-like dreams?
(I mean, look at the nymph-esque woman below. Surely you would want dress like that, too?)


Nature Grafitti said...

these photos are simply stunning... i wish i had been there!

for our photo project: that is so exciting that you are getting your camera on the 19th! When you get it, e-mail me and we can try to figure something out to photograph

peace, love, laughter

keira antoia rose said...

I would adore dressing like that. What a lovely party. Ugh I'm so jealous.

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

My said...

Oh, these pics are lovely!

Hot Bot said...

You're right, I'm dying for a pair of neon wings right now.

Juliet said...

very very fun and cute idea!

juliet xxx

Amelia said...

If I had more of a nymph-ish body, I would definitely look like that...all the time. I love the first picture.


what a crazy party, little kids and big ones alike partying it up together? ahahah the little boy in the last one i adorable

The Clothes Horse said...

These definitely make me want to dress up and return to childhood.
P.S. Thank you so much for your comment. It is comments like yours that keep me blogging.
It's funny, I pulled out that headband and wore it the other day. :)
I'm quite glad you started blogging--you have a great perspective to share.

Anonymous said...

I remember I got taken to some party like that when I was a kid (little less nudity, little more paint and stuff). Nothing about it made sense then. In fact, I kinda hated it (but I didn't look nearly as cool as these kids).
Looking back now I assume it was an awful drug fueled idea someone had.

The Stylish Wanderer said...

^^^^^^^ Oh my! Hilarious, in a scary watch-out-for-your-child-they-might-get-influenced-badly way.

yoharryo said...

The only influence all that stuff - especially parties in which paint part of my clothing - had I think was that if I ever have kids I would not subject them to some hazy idea thought up on a drug binge.
Just looking at the photos again...that there was a blacklight there too I find hilarious.

(btw...I was 'anonymous' who wrote the above, just for a sense of continuity. I was too lazy to remember my password)

Isabel said...

Somebody pass the ecstasy.

Marleena Hills said...

Hi I'm French, there is a magazine called Jalouse in my country and you should look at this issue:

there is an entire photoshoot about diva and lola dompe
so hype!!!


Roxana said...

actually this is not a party, they are shooting their video for the song sophia,,,, check it is on youtube...